Physics 8-20-18 Analyzing Data & Graphing Exercise 1 & 2

PHYSICS: Are you? A hoarder, I mean? I soooooo don’t want you to be that person that has a million facts crammed in their head, none of which are useful for anything because you can’t apply what you know. Let’s tackle that this year!

Here the last of the review from your old chemistry days – a short look at analyzing data. Speaking of that, how are your “Excel” graphs coming along? Any questions?

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11 thoughts on “Physics 8-20-18 Analyzing Data & Graphing Exercise 1 & 2

  1. This week was definitely a busy one in physics! I really thought the car demonstration was a helpful way of understanding displacement, and so far I am understanding the velocity problems (although I’m sure they will be getting much harder). Juggling all of the labs that will be due in a few weeks is definitely taking some getting used to, but so far I feel like I have stopped on top of it well! I cannot wait to start learning applying my knowledge more in the next few weeks!

  2. This week has definitely been a triumph. I understood the height of the bouncing ball lab very well and had a lot of fun creating a graph for it. The buggy motion demonstration really helped me understand displacement and velocity. When I got confused taking notes I would just think back to the demonstration and think it through in terms of buggies, and it helped a lot! I am a little stressed knowing how many labs we have due next week, but I know to go ahead and get started now so I won’t have to do it all last minute.

  3. This week in physics seemed to go by pretty fast! I really benefited from the way we learned new material while stopping to review when necessary. The bouncing ball lab proved to be a great exercise, as it reinforced that gathering accurate and precise data is key. Initially, our data was incomplete, so we fixed the problem and successfully met the challenge! I am going to try to stay ahead and finish early since the due date is a week away and there will be another lab next week! So far, I am doing fine with the velocity problems–we will see about the “advanced” ones this weekend though! I’ll probably have a lot of questions… I look forward to continuing to learn a lot this year!

  4. This week has been the first week where I’ve felt like we are REALLY back in school. We had a lot going on this week, but I would definitely label this week as a triumph. I made sure I did all my work ahead of time since we are responsible for our due dates on labs. I definitely do not want to get caught behind. I am super proud of how diligent Joseph and I were in the bouncing ball lab, and I also think I learned a lot in the toy car activity. It definitely helped that I had read the chapter beforehand, and I hope to do that as much as possible.

  5. Hey Mrs. Skinner! This week was a solid 3 out of 5 stars for me. I am getting back into the groove of doing assignments ahead of time to work on other things for this class, and I am also remembering how much I enjoyed writing lab reports. The best thing about Physics is the way it pushes us to be the best students possible. This constant drive to work hard allows me to become both a better student and person. I know it’s hard to believe but I think lab reports are one of the best things about Physics since they prepare us so much for college. The thought of writing two or three in the next week may give me a headache, but they are so straight forward that I can’t help but feel excited once I turn them in. The main thing I struggled with this week with was the buggy lab! This seems like a stretch, but I used to find the idea of negative displacement so complex; after the lab though, I completely understood. Thanks for reading!

  6. This week has definitely been a better week than last week. I stayed on top of my work and have been learning a bunch during class this week. I also am learning to do my lab reports as we do the labs rather than waiting to do the lab the night before it is due.

  7. I feel as though I have definitely made progress this week. I have been a bit better organized, and I am trying not to overthink everything. I still need to work on better time management, but I think I did a good job this week of staying on top of things. Over all, I would say this week was a success.

  8. This week has been equally challenging as it is fun. I enjoyed being able to work on the investigating buggy motion lab. When I learned the concept of displacement and speed. I was both intrigued and confused in today’s problem with the two dogs running at the tree. I was able to figure it out at the in but it took us a lot of time and we made some mistakes along the week. I am honestly excited to work that problem in my homework where I will hopefully get it correct

  9. This week has definitely been a crazy one!! From lab reports with technology issues to learning hands on with the buggies, I’ve learned a lot this week. I really enjoyed the buggy car activity and how we learned by doing. Also, it was very satisfying when Morgan Elizabeth and I figured out the height of the bouncing ball lab! Other than the technical difficulties with trying to upload pictures, I was pleased with my time management on the human density lab report, and hope to keep that up with the future labs. I still have room to improve, especially with no immediate due dates, but I at least have a good starting point. Although I did struggle some with the past two days, I think the homework this weekend will help and for sure when we go over it on Monday! So, this week has had some struggle, but overall I would say it has been a triumph because I’m learning!

  10. S-Struggle: I am struggling with the SI units, but i made flashcards and have been going over them.
    T-Triumph: I took a lot of notes and have been studying them.
    A-Application: I can now measure something’s volume and mass.
    R-Reflection/Rate: I would rate myself a 3 for this week because I have worked hard on homework and quizzes/tests which hopefully helps me to do well on the next test.
    S-Serious question: One serious question i have is how to study, be able to apply my knowledge, and make an A on the next test.

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