Physics 8-24-18 Velocity Problems

PHYSICS – Here are the velocity problems from today. You did a great job on these! Do you see what I mean about learning to think through them?

Stay strong on these problems! Make sure to do more than just show the math – be sure that I can also follow your logic in the formulas. Ditto with units, etc.

Don’t give up on the tortoise and the hare! A couple of hints: remember the problems we did in class today – it’s kind of like those. The distance the tortoise travels is the same as the distance the hare travels plus the extra 20 cm he was ahead. Also, the time the hare raced is equal to the time of the tortoise minus those two minutes he rested.

We’ll work through them in class if you need some help, but FIRST, make sure you have already worked them yourself – even if you think your work is wrong!

Now go have fun! 🙂

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Chemistry 8-24-18 Percent Error and Uncertainty

CHEMISTRY – Here’s our really short second look at percent error problems, and also uncertainty. Keep that formula handy!

Hey are you studying for the SI quiz?!! Super important – you’ll use that stuff all year long!

Also, how’s the Scavenger hunt going? Did you notice the deadline? Make double sure you give yourself plenty of time!!

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