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Happy Thursday! Are you having a knowing where to post your web post comment or understanding what a good web post comment is? In the future, you will probably be taking online classes where you will have to be part of online class discussion groups, and you’ll be graded on your comments and how you participate.

Here is a plan that will help you! Your goal is to have STAR Web Post Comments. Hokey title, but maybe it will stick! Click here on the STAR Web Post Comments Idea Sheet under the Worksheets/Handouts tab for ideas for good comments that will receive credit.

Here are some hints:

IMPORTANT: Make double dog sure you write your name in your web post the correct way. If your name/heading is not written correctly, you will not receive any credit for making the web post. Check an earlier syllabus for instructions on how to write your name.

Here’s what you do to post a web post comment:

  1. Click on the title of any web post from the week that I have made for your class.
  2. Scroll to the very bottom of it where it says “Leave a Reply” – you may have to scroll past comments from other people, but you can reply to those also!
  3. Enter your name correctly (check your syllabus) and your email.
  4. Type in your comment (see the info above.)
  5. Type in the Anti Spam characters in the space provided.
  6. Click Post Comment and you are done!
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49 thoughts on “Web Post Comments Ideas

  1. TRIUMPH: This week so far has been a triumph! I’ve been pacing myself on my work and lab reports, working ahead for soccer practice, games, and church. I’m excited that I remember most stuff from chemistry pretty well and have not fallen behind in the first week! Also, it was really fun in class this week: the whirly gig competition and the human density lab! Thank you Tina and Payne for being such great volunteer victims! We did a great job working as a class and working together! I didn’t slip while I was mopping, which truly is another triumph! I hope to continue to stay on top of things so that maybe I can have as many triumphs as I do struggles, because I know that they’re coming! But I know that they will be worth it and that the struggles will be where I am learning and growing so that I can triumph in the end!

  2. O Holden C3
    I am expecting to learn a lot from Chemistry; I am also expecting to take a lot away from this year. Several people have told me to: make sure to study ahead, to be very tedious in labs, to make sure i know all the details, and to NOT PROCRASTINATE! This week has absolutely flown by, and I have already learned so much! You told us that we are going to have to work very hard in your class and that you expect our best, so by the end of this year, I hope to leave with great study skills and a whole lot of Chemistry.

  3. I feel like this week has been a great week. I have started getting used to having to write lab reports again. Also having to make sure I do not procrastinate, or else I will get behind on my work. I also am starting to remember the stuff that we did in chemistry that we now need for Physics.

  4. Going into this year I was a little nervous, I had heard all the rumors about chemistry and how hard it would be. Now that I have got my own taste for what it may be like, I realize that it will be hard, but if I apply myself and try my hardest on everything it will help a lot. I am hoping this year to gain a better understanding of chemistry and by the end of the year, I hope I can say that all my hard work paid off.

  5. T Floyd C2

    I expect some explosions, hopefully controlled. Possibly not but we will see what happens. Yeah but 5/5 first week.

  6. M McDaniel C3
    I have really enjoyed learning in your class this week! I look forward to all the labs we do and expect to learn a lot from them this year. I am very excited for this school year and I believe I can succeed in your class.

  7. Well this week was a complete success. I was able to test my whirly gig and found out I had a really slow one. That project helped me practice how to use the scientific method. later in the week I was able to work together with my class to come up with a way to tell if two of my classmates could float. I am thankful for all of there help with the lab because i would not have been able to do it without them.

  8. I can’t believe that we have been back in school for almost a full week! I am so grateful for the much-needed sig fig and chapter one review that we did the other day, and I’m also glad that we started with the whirly-gig lab to refresh our memories on writing lab reports! Designing our own plans for the human density lab was super neat, and I am excited to see how the pictures and results turned out! On the homework, I will admit that some of the sig fig info was fuzzy at first, but after the review, I feel much better about them! I wish I could say the same about the homework due tomorrow… I will definitely need help with some of those problems… I continue to look forward to a great year of learning and growth this year in Honors Physics! 🙂

  9. L Stubbs C1

    I am expecting to learn alot from chemistry. I have had lots of fun this week in the lab and in class. I’m not very good at science but i will try hardest in this class. i expect to do very well, learn alot and HAVE FUN!

  10. E Beckham C1

    this week has gone by so fast and I’ve learned so much! I can’t wait to continue learning more and more each day. I hope to learn lots of great study skills & work hard this year. I’ve heard this class can be challenging, but I know if I try my best and study hard I can do well this year! i can’t wait to see what it has in store!

  11. I expect to learn a lot this year in chemistry. This week was pretty fun and i will try my best to get good grades in this class.

  12. G Taylor C6

    This year in chemistry I expect to learn how to apply myself to different problems and how to find a solution that will help me problem solve in the real world. I also expect to learn lots about chemistry and have a fun year!

  13. This year I expect to learn the different chemical changes and how to change them into substances. This class also explains to me that I need to start studying more.

  14. this in chemistry I expect to learn changes in properties. This class also prepares me to study more and helps me study.

  15. In chemistry i hope to learn more in science and be a better student. Chemistry is really fun and I hope to see a lot of new things about the world.

  16. This week was hectic but interesting. I am looking forward to learning how chemicals cooperate with each other in your class this year!

  17. I can’t believe school has already started and we are almost done with our first week! Chemistry is something that interests me, and i’m expecting to learn a lot! I have heard that it is very challenging, but that you are a great teacher. I also believe that if I study and try my very hardest I will do well in your class! I’m very excited for what this school year holds.

  18. I would rate myself a 3/5 for this week. Even though I think I did well on the labs, I did get confused on some things. I will read the instructions more thoroughly before the next lab.
    By the end of the year I hope to be able to apply the things I learn. I can not wait for the weeks to come in chemistry. I am ready to dig deeper.

  19. A Poff C2

    I cannot believe i survived my first week. on junior year. I have heard a lot of things about chemistry and everything I heard will be/already is true. They have all said its gonna be very hard and a lot of work, but if you listen to Ms. Skinner, write down EVERYTHING she says, you will make it through this year. This year I expect to apply myself, not procrastinate, and do my work to the best of my ability. I cannot wait for this year and the challenges/joy that may come…. this week i’ll rate myself 4/5

  20. I expect to learn how chemistry applies to our everyday life. I also expect to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the subject and anticpate improving my study habits. Looking forward to a great year!!

  21. I have enjoyed the labs we have done this week even though some were challenging, I learned from my mistakes. Chemistry seems like a fun subject and I expect to learn more about how different chemicals have different reactions when mixed and to learn and prepare myself for success in this class.

  22. Getting dunked in water was sure fun. Remembering how to get back into the swing of things has been good so far., like remembering the do the webpost and how to do a lab write up. I am excited for all the labs that we will be doing and am glad that we are going back over how to do sig figs. I wasn’t happy about doing the homework and not knowing how to do it, but I’m glad that you made us do it anyway. First full week of school done, time for the rest of the year.

  23. This year in chemistry, I expect to learn bunches of chemistry and how to best manage my time! I also hope to learn how to better my critical thinking skills and improve my study habits.

  24. I’m very excited for what’s to come this year in chemistry! I enjoy science and also enjoy doing lab’s and experiments so hopefully that’s something that we’ll do very often. I hope to learn how to manage my time more and also create new and different study habits to help me pass your class

  25. I’m looking forward to this year in chemistry! I’m expecting to learning a lot in chemistry academically as well as basic life skills. I will admit this past week was challenging but, it will be a fun year!

  26. This week I would rate myself 3 out of 5 stars. This is because it’s talking me longer than I thought to get back into the rhythm of labs and their reports. Even though I enjoy this process, I keep worrying about leaving off a part of my procedure or incorrectly doing significant figures. I just have to work hard and do my work by the book though, and I know I’ll feel more confident in my work. One thing I felt great about in Physics this week was the Human Density Lab. I did my part of recording data correctly and keeping up with all of the measurements very consistently, so I’m happy that I contributed to the “team” effort of trying to successfully find out why and how hunans can float.

  27. I hope to learn a lot this year in chemistry. This week was very fun and i can’t wait for the all of the labs we have next.

  28. M Tarver C4
    I enjoyed all of the labs this week and already have learned a lot. I expect to learn a lot from chemistry this year. Even though I’m nervous about tests and things, I’m excited to learn more.

  29. I think I had a good first week. I learned how to use a Bunsen burner to heat things and learned how to be safe in the lab. This year I want to learn how to prepare myself for college.

  30. I can not believe it is already the end of the first week of school! Jumping into labs the first week has been super fun, and I am excited for more to come! This year in chemistry, I expect to learn skills that can apply to the rest of my high school years, such as better study skills, how to not procrastinate, and how to apply myself to what I learn. Although this week has been challenging getting back to the school routine, I am excited to see what the rest of the year has to bring!

  31. this week has shown me how fast the class period goes by. i am so excited to learn new things in chemistry. i expect to learn how chemicals react to each other, but also learn new study techniques.

  32. I am very excited and very nervous for this year. I’m expecting to learn better study habits from this class because I’ve heard it requires a lot of effort and I’m going to give 100%. I also expect to learn more about chemicals and their reactions. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my junior year in your class!!

  33. I am excited to learn lots of new things about science this year in chemistry. Even though I know it will be tough I think i know will learn a lot about chemistry and how to do many things in the lab.

  34. Being new to this school I’ve had to adapt to my new classes. Chemistry is a fun subject but it’s difficult than what I’m used to. I like that we do labs and it’s more hands on learning rather than copying notes all day. In Chemistry this year I hope to graduate with an A so I can keep my 4.0 GPA. I will start studying harder and asking more questions when I need help. It’s a real blessing to be here at this wonderful school and in your class!

  35. Wow, it sure has been an absolutely wild few days!!! I have learned so much in our first week alone. This year I expect to learn all the ins and outs of chemical reactions and the effects they have on each other. I am hoping for it to be a very successful year.

  36. This week in Physics, I have started to recall the information we learned in chemistry. Sig figs and the Q formula are coming back. I have learned that Physics homework is as difficult as I make it out to be, and I should plan out a road map for problems that are confusing to me. The Whirlygig lab report reminded me of all I need to know about typing up my labs in the manuscript form. Overall, this week, although tiring, was a good transition for me to get back into thinking outside the box.

  37. I am excited for a great year in chemistry!!! This year I expect to learn about why different particles behave the way they do as well as the steps I need to take to make sure I always do my best. I have really enjoyed the labs this week, this class has already had more labs than any other one before. These labs are a good way to learn because we always learn better from mistakes. Hopefully we can all be successful this year!!

  38. This year has been on a pretty tight schedule so far and I wouldn’t have expected anything less. But I made it and hopefully I’ll make everything else!

  39. This year I hope to learn all about chemical reactions in the context of how they work mathematically. I also want to experiment with different chemicals.

  40. I am really looking forward to learn more about the world that we actually live in. We go day to day just walking through life, but never actually know what the extent of things really are. I hope to look at those things and get a better understanding. Can’t wait for a great year!

  41. This week has definitely been a triumph. The whirly gig experiment was a great way for me to practice using the scientific method in an effective way. I am proud of myself for knowing where I went wrong in the experiment and mentioning it in my lab report. That is something I did not do in Chemistry. I am excited for another week of learning new things in Physics!!

  42. This week I would rate myself a 4/5 so far. I have slowly been trying to re learn the SI system for the quiz Wednesday and for knowledge just to have, I have realized that I need to check the syllabus and website daily to make sure I get all the assignments.

  43. I’m not gonna lie this week has been a challenge for me. I haven’t really ever heard of the SI system and honestly I’m still kind of struggling, but hopefully things will get better. Converting measurements into other measurements still doesn’t make much sense to me, but I have been looking at it a little each night, especially the charts. It’s only Thursday so I hope things become better between now and the next test.

  44. Struggle: So far this week I’ve been struggling a little bit. The work is something I definitely need to get used to because it takes me a minute to understand what is being explained in the lesson. Also I’m more of a person who likes examples/hands on examples. Studying is a big thing for me as well because I don’t like studying but I have to so I can pass. Classes like yours are more advanced and more faster than what I’m used to. I’m slowly understanding how everything works and I will continue to put effort into my work. I’m really trying learn about the work and apply it.

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