Physics 8-10-18 Using the Scientific Method

PHYSICS: I love listening to you “talk through” the scientific method! Can’t wait to see what you design for your whirly gigs! Now what could you do to get the longest hang time? Hmmmmm…..

Whirly Gig template is under the Worksheet tab, if you need it. Happy flying!


Chemistry 8-10-18 Lab Equipment

CHEMISTRY – Hey guys! Did you have fun playing with the equipment today? Below is a slide show with an overview of the apparatus that you’ll use in the chemistry lab. This is the equipment you will draw and also that you need to know for the rest of the year. Be able to identify the apparatus and also explain the use of each. Click on the black arrow to start the slideshow.

The second slide show is a great tour of our lab. It’s very important information about where stuff is and what it’s used for. I think you’ll find it very helpful. Both of these would be a great way to study equipment for the test! (Hint, hint!) 🙂

HOMEWORK: First though, lets talk about homework.(Don’t forget to also check your syllabus!!)

Lab Equipment – The slide show below has the the items you need to draw on the grid paper for Monday. If I counted right, there are 32 of them. You DO NOT have to draw the centigram balance. You only have to draw one of each item. You can draw the equipment free hand, or if you are having trouble, you can trace the apparatus from the pictures in the Safety Packet if you can find them there.

  • Number each item (there should be 32 in all)
  • Draw or trace each item.
  • Label the name of each item.
  • Give a VERY brief use of each item (it’s written in white on the slide)

Lab Safety ContractSince we’ll be in lab so much, it’s important that you write your own lab safety contract. Here’s how you do it::

  • From the first couple of pages of the Safety Packet that you got in class (or it’s also here under the Lab tab), write the lab safety statements as your contract.
  • They may be handwritten on notebook paper or typed (must be printed). You only have to write the first part of the rule that is bold. There are 29 in all and they almost all start with “I will…”.
  • At the end of your contract – after the last statement, hand write “I agree to abide by these rules.” Then sign underneath and date it
  • Due Monday!