Physics 9-24-13 Angular Projectile Problems

PHYSICS – Great job today working through the monkey-hunter problem! So what happened with the last one that we worked? Was the book wrong or were we wrong? Why? Watch our discussion again and see what you can come up with. Bring me an answer tomorrow!

Don’t give up on them tonight! They are tough, but you can do it!

PHYSICS 9-24-13 Angular Projectile Motion Problems from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by Johnson Cameraface

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9 thoughts on “Physics 9-24-13 Angular Projectile Problems

  1. I honestly can’t wait until we factor in wind resistance, it’s been bugging me that all the “real world” problems we have been solving don’t are all irrelevant in the real world! Ya know…(Ms. Skinner is awesome)(that comment was probably worth a few bonus points?)

  2. HA! Figured out the problem! FINALLY!!! It was so obvious though that I feel stupid, and also, the equation we were using for the resultant velocity was wrong, there was no 2 in the numerator, so that was a wrench in our equation anyway!

    • I saw that the resultant velocity was wrong as well, but it was written as dhg/2sinOcosO on my paper and when I calculated it again, I got a different number. Did you guys have it written differently? I must not have copied it off the board.

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