Chemistry 9-20-13 Intro to Chemistry

CHEMISTRY: We’re finally starting what chemistry is all about! Here’s the lecture from Friday on the intro to chemistry. Can you apply the branches of chemistry and types of scientific work? As you go through the chapter, make sure you have the vocab down, and be sure you’re able to apply what you learned each day.

BTW – Have you started learning the symbols of the elements? Is that something you’ve had to do in your other classes? Don’t forget to check out the earlier webpost on It’s a great way to begin memorizing them! 🙂

CHEMISTRY 9-20-13 Intro to Chemistry from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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Element Symbols Practice Quiz

Hey guys, how are you doing on memorizing the symbols of the elements? Here’s a great study aid from In the bottom right corner, click on “Choose a Study Mode” and you can change the layout and study different ways. If you already know them, try “Learn.” If you are just beginning to learn the symbols, I’d try “Scatter,” then go to (or click on the bottom left where it says “Study these flash cards”) and try “Space and Race.” I LOVE that game. It really puts your brain in gear and is great practice!

BTW – There’s an app for that! Quizlet has an app, also Oresome Elements and Mahjong Chem are good apps for learning the symbols of the elements. And I’ll bet if you look, you can also find other apps to help you learn the elements.

Good luck learning them – and don’t forget, the elements you have to know are the elements with these atomic numbers: 1 – 58, 60, 61, 74, 76 – 95.


Hon Chemistry 9-20-13 Concervation & Classification of Matter

HON CHEMISTRY: Happy Friday! The law of conservation of energy, endothermic/exothermic, and potential and kinetic energy . . . How much of it can you find in bungee jumping? 🙂

And who knew there were so many questions you could ask about matter? Let’s finish up on Monday!

HON CHEMISTRY 9-20-13 Classification of Matter from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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Physics 9-20-13 Horizontal Projectile Motion

PHYSICS – Great job today, and applying stuff from the last chapter no less! Here’s the lecture from Friday on horizontal projectile motion. Just go slow and easy and you’ll master it in no time flat. Watch out for squirrels throwing nuts!

PHYSICS 9-20-13 Horizontal Projectile Motion from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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