Technology 101.2 – Weekend Update

Wow! What a crazy day yesterday – but it was good! We actually got a lot accomplished. I just re-synced all students to your class’s Google Drive Dropbox folder. All but a few students are now shared. There are also new/updated Technology 101.2 instructions for you – click here or on the Worksheets tab.

When you write your lab, be sure and drag the file (or right click and move it) to the Shared Dropbox folder!

If you are one of the few that still don’t see a Dropbox folder when you click on “Shared with me”, just follow the instructions on the sheet and share your class folder with me that way.

FOR CHEMISTRY: Info on labs (answers to questions that I’ve received)

  1. Yes – you ALWAYS do all the questions on labs.
  2. Always to the extension on thLABs, but if you are not sure, ASK! This time, the extension on the Density of Oil lab will count as extra credit.
  3. The actual masses of the coins can be found on the Internet. Google it!!
  4. Yes, you find your percent error on each coin – make sure you show your work with formula and units!!

Holler if you have any other questions. Have fun with your labs!!


Chemistry 8-28-13 Significant Figures, Pt. 2

CHEMISTRY: From Wednesday, here’s the last of the info on significant figures. Is it starting to click? If you need extra practice, don’t forget the help session tomorrow – 7:15ish A. M.

Speaking of tomorrow – get ready to apply EVERYTHING you’ve learned this year!

CHEMISTRY 8-28-13 Accuracy & Precision and Significant Figures from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

Chemistry 8-27-13 Significant Figures, Pt. 1

CHEMISTRY: So you’ve been using been using significant figures all along when you were measuring in the lab! Now the other half – using them in calculations will be no big deal at all! Take a stab at it tonight and we’ll finish up tomorrow.

Don’t forget to be studying for the SI quiz!!

CHEMISTRY 8-27-13 Significant Figures, Pt. 1 from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by areta ekarafi

Hon Chemistry 8-27-13 Significant Figures & Intro to Accuracy and Precision

HON CHEMISTRY – So which is more important, accuracy or precision? Good question! Did you find the formula for percent error yet? I’ll bet it’s one that you’ve used before. Let’s talk more about error in the lab tomorrow!

Here’s our discussion of significant figure. Don’t lose this one – you’ll use it all year!!

HON CHEMISTRY 8-27-13 Significant Figures from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by jambe

Physics 8-27-13 … and the Tortoise & the Hare

PHYSICS: I’m really proud of your work today and how you tackled the challenge with a great “can do” spirit! Did you ever get your GLX to work? And did you get to view motion on the computer?

BTW – Just in case you ever need it, here is an old vodcast with the solution to the tortoise and the hare problems – # 21 & 22.

Image source

Physics 8-26-13 Velocity Problems 2

PHYSICS: Great job thinking through the problems today! Thanks for being so flexible there toward the end! (Thank you, Ryan!!)

Remember a few things: You weren’t born knowing how to do these – give yourself a little time. One the really good ones, just one formula won’t work – begin with writing what your know. These are some of the hardest problems we’ll work in physics – not because the formulas are hard, but because knowing how to reason through them is so challenging.

You are doing a great job! Now go work them again! I promise, it will be good for you. Remember, don’t open the solutions you wrote in your notes! Try them without it!! If you have to, peek, but then don’t stop until you can work the entire problem through without looking!

PHYSICS 8-26-13 Velocity Problems Review from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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Chemistry 8-26-13 Derived Units & Density Problems

CHEMISTRY – So you think Goodman Road is getting crowded? How’s this for a “high density” city? Great job on the density problems today! Remember, in chemistry we use math as a tool, therefore we might work problems a little differently in chemistry than you do in your math class.

When working these problems, don’t forget to follow the problem solving steps we discussed today:

  • Analyze – write down what you’re given and what you’re looking for
  • Plan – write a formula where you isolate the unknown on one side by itself
  • Compute – plug in your data, numbers and units; then cancel the units, and if they cancel correctly, go on to the calculator. Be sure and give your answer what the correct units.
  • Evaluate – does your answer make sense, have you used the correct units, do you have the correct sig figs?

Wait – scratch that last thing, we’ll do sig figs tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, any questions about the thLAB: SI Scavenger Hunt? Bring your questions tomorrow and I’ll be glad to help!


CHEMISTRY 9-26-13 Derived Units & Density from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by chromogenic

Hon Chemistry 8-26-13 Density

HONORS CHEMISTRY – Hey guys, here’s a pic of some “high density” koi that I saw in Hawaii (at the Dole Pineapple Plantation, of all places!). Great job with the density problems – be sure and practice them tonight using the format I showed you in class today.

On a more practical side – and even better(!), can you now use what you’ve learned about density? Be sure and print off a copy of the lab, ID of an Unknown off the website. Who is going to be your spokesperson? Can’t wait to “watch” you work!

HON CHEMISTRY 8-26-13 Density from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

Physics 8-23-13 Velocity Problems

PHYSICS – Here are the velocity problems from today, #11 and other homework and then some new problems. You did a great job on these! Do you see what I mean about learning to think through them?

Good luck on those next five problems. Make sure to do more than just show the math – be sure that I can also follow your logic in the formulas. Ditto with units, etc. Don’t give up on the tortoise and the hare. A couple of hints: remember the distance the tortoise travels is the same as the distance the hare travels plus the extra 20 cm he was ahead. Also, the time the hare raced is equal to the time of the tortoise minus those two minutes he rested.

Now go have fun! And have a great weekend!! 🙂

PHYSICS 8-23-13 Velocity Problems from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by darkmatter

Chemistry 8-23-13 SI Measurements

CHEMISTRY – Hey guys, so is all the info on SI measurements starting to come back to you? Here’s the lecture from Friday. I’m sure it’s mostly review from your physical science days, but it’s a great opportunity to refresh what you’ve learned and to get ready to begin using it!

Did you remember the prefixes? Don’t forget to work on memorizing them this weekend, especially since I’ve changed the due date for the take home lab to next week. Here are the dates for the SI prefix quizzes: Honors Chemistry – Quiz on Wednesday; Regular Chemistry – Quiz on Thursday

I’m really of your work this week! Have a great weekend!!

CHEMISTRY 8-23-13 SI System, Pt. 1 from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by Nils Geylen