Physics 11-3-11 Net Vertical Force

PHYSICS: So, would you ever jump out of a plane? Way too much craziness for me! How was net vertical force? Great job on the problems, but don’t forget things like terminal velocity and the why! And I still don’t know what’s so funny about a fish in an elevator?? 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Physics 11-3-11 Net Vertical Force

  1. Ms. Skinner,

    I have completed every problem on the Concurrent and Parallel Forces worksheet that you gave us except numbers 4 and 5. On four, I am unsure how to find the force of friction so as to find “mu”. Any advise would be great!

    • Sebastian – That’s great! (I mean the part about finishing the WS!) Number 4 is a problem without friction – we did these at the beginning of the chapter before you learned about that complicating force! So the only force that makes up Fnet is……. And then in number 5, you go back and add friction just like we’ve done on the others, and so this time Fnet is Fx plus Ff. Hope that helps!

      • Ms. Skinner,

        Thank you for the assistance; I was indeed able to figure it out with your guidance! The test went well, and I hope you are enjoying your trip.

        P. S. Good news concerning USAFA

  2. So unless the problem specifically states there is friction, we should assume there is no friction?

    Also, will lab books be due at the end of the nine weeks or possibly after the Thanksgiving holiday?

  3. i am feeling pretty prepared for these problems tomorrow, however… conceptual questions are not going to be my friend i feel like.

  4. Ms.Skinner, when we previously talked i had forgotten that i am going to vist Auburn over the weekend and will not be in class monday. I told Mrs.Jackie this and i Plan to walk into class tuesday and take the test because i have doctors appoiontments in the afternoon during my study halls. Please let me know if this is a problem. Ill be checking the website while im traveling. Thanks!

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