Chemistry 11-4-11 Mole Problems & Moles of Chalk Lab

CHEMISTRY: Great job on the moles of chalk lab! You set a land speed record for finishing a lab, and no hints. Good job! How’d you do on that mole problem worksheet? Here is a review of some of the problems.. At the end, it also has instructions for the lab, just in case you were out today. By the way, the lab can be written up on a sheet of paper instead of in your lab books.

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12 thoughts on “Chemistry 11-4-11 Mole Problems & Moles of Chalk Lab

    • Lily – Just what I told you in class for this time: Title, Objective, Procedure (detailed), Observations (data table and calculations).

  1. Ms Skinner, I still can’t find the podcast from the day I missed on Nov. 4- the regulars is up but not the honors, as far as I can tell. Also, when I looked it up from last year, it says the video is unavailable. What would you like me to do?

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