Chemistry 11-2-11 Moles, Mass & Molecules

CHEMISTRY: So how many water molecules are in that drop? Here’s the lecture from today on using molar mass as a conversion factor. You did a great job on the problems! Keep practicing them so you don’t forget!

By the way, were you ready for a quiz today? What about tomorrow? Don’t give up – keep working on memorizing polyatomic ions, acids, and the chemical names for those common substances you researched. Have you tried making a song?

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21 thoughts on “Chemistry 11-2-11 Moles, Mass & Molecules

  1. Enjoyed the lab today, also finally figuring out a way that will help me learn the memorization better. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. I really am starting to understand on how to do these types of problems. The Q formula helps out a ton. Is there any other fomulas that are similar that we may use in the future?

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