LABS – Chemistry

Lab Report Turn In Info

Lab report Manuscript Form – Digital

CHEM CHALLENGE: Build a Boat, Hope It Floats

Oobleck Activity

cLAB: The Physics Aviary Measuring Games

cLAB: Fundamental Science Skills – Measuring


SI Measure Hunt – ACTIVITY

LAB: ID of Unknowns – HONORS

Activity: ID of an Unknown – REGULAR

thLAB: Building Your Balance – UPDATED

cLAB: FSS Graphing Activity

Safety In the Chemistry Lab

Lab Apparatus

Lab Tour

Steps to Lighting a Bunsen Burner

Lab Procedures & Techniques

LAB: Mass Without a Balance

ACTIVITY: Candle Observation

LAB: Boiling Water in a Paper – Cup Questions

LAB: It Was a Cool, Fall Morning

LAB: Intro to Sparkvue & Investigating Temperature

LAB: Energy of Solutions

LAB: Distillation & Water Purification

ACTIVITY: Snapping Ions, Pt 1

ACTIVITY: Snapping Ions, Pt 2 – ALL IONS

LAB: Naming Ionic Compounds

ACTIVITY: Molecules of Water – Counting by Weighing

thLAB: Comparing Moles

vLAB: Determining an Empirical Formula (Google Docs)

LAB: Polymers, Parts 1 & 2

LAB: Evidence for Chemical Change

LAB: Conservation of Mass

Conservation of Mass Lab Report Notes

LAB: Mixture Separation

thLAB: Average Atomic Mass Simulation

LAB: Determining Limiting Reactants – Hon Chemistry

Determining Limiting Reactants – Regular Chemistry

ACTIVITY: Model of an Atom

ACTIVITY: Identifying Unknown Radiation

thLAB: Half-life Simulation

cLAB: Particle Adventure

cLAB: Particle Research II – Fermilabyrinth

vLAB: Nuclear Fission Simulation

LAB: Spectroscopy

LAB: Emission Spectra of Elements

vLAB: Identifying Elements

LAB: Flame Tests

LAB: Triboluminesence

Activity: Create a Table

cLAB Element Reverse Scavenger Hunt – Answer Sheets

cLAB Element Reverse Scavenger Hunt – READ ONLY

LAB: Periodic Trends and Properties of Metals

cLAB: Periodic Table

LAB: Reactivity of Halides

thLAB: Freezing Water

3-D Molecules Presentation – MolView

thLAB: Surface Tension

simLAB: Determining Bond Types

simLAB: Acid & Base Solutions – REGULAR

simLAB: Acid & Base Solutions – HONORS

simLAB: Circuit Design Challenge

LAB: Beads in a Bottle – HONORS

LAB: Beads in a Bottle – REGULAR

LAB: Paper Chromatography

cLAB: Balancing Chemical Equations

Activity: Salty Eights

LAB: Evidence for Chemical Change

LAB: Making and Testing for Gases

thLAB: Boyle’s Law

LAB: Percent Oxygen in Air PRE-LAB

LAB: Petri Dish Electrolysis

Exp: Build Your Own Hand-held Battery

thLAB: pH Paper

thLAB: Boiling Water in a Syringe




ACTIVITY: Dancing Raisins – HONORS


thLAB: Dancing Raisins

thLAB: Density of Oil

vLAB: Separating Substances (Virtual Lab)

thLAB: SI Scavenger Hunt – HONORS

thLAB: Scavenger Hunt – REGULAR

LAB: Water of Hydration

LAB: Test for Iron Ions

thLAB: Chemical Formula Simulation

thLAB: Water Wire

LAB: Types of Chemical Bonds

vLAB: Determining the Limiting Reactant

thLAB: Limiting Reactant in a Recipe


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14 thoughts on “LABS – Chemistry

  1. I would rate my self a 3/5 this week because I didn’t thoroughly read the instructions on the lab, so I had a lot of questions that I had to figure out during class which took up my lab time.

  2. I would rate my self a 3/5 this week. I feel like I could have done better reading the directions of the lab earlier, and I also could have started studying for the pre-test earlier.

  3. S-I struggled with the lab on Thursday. I could not get the ruler to balance on the pencil and it was very very frustrating!

  4. A Poff C2

    This week i struggled more with the separating substances lab. separating the salt and sand was very difficult. The worst part about it was that at the very end i realized what we could have done and it bugged me because i knew how to do it. i would rate myself 3/5 because thats the only thing i struggled with this week

  5. One goal of mine is to pass chemistry with an A. I plan to acheive this goal by STUDYINGGG and being prepared for things in the future. This class has been challenging, but I beleive that i am growing to become a better student and responsible young woman.

  6. This week I would rate myself about 3.5/5. I’ve been doing lot for all of my classes and I really hope that all of my hard working (studying, memorizing, and preparing) pays off in my grades. I hope I can keep the same energy studying for exams!

  7. I rate myself a 9/10 this week I made a B on my test and I made a A on my science in the news and I’m maintaining my grade in the class

  8. I rate myself a 3/5 this week, I’ve missed a few things, but I’ve figured out a better way to prepare for tests, and have rather enjoyed working on the Element Reverse Scavenger Hunt.

  9. My article was about vaping and the diseases that may come with it. There were many companies who were against it and had information to back up there statements. It showed that kids from Highschool were into vaping because of all the celebrity ads and just the advertising in general. I learned about things I didn’t know came with vaping and all the dangerous with it.

  10. this week i rate myself a 7/10. i think i could of done better on the periodic table quiz. i also thought i did good on the graphing excercise and i got all of the stuff turned in on time. i also think i paid good attention while we took notes wednesday and thursday.

  11. My goal is to make an 85 or higher on my next chemistry test. I plan to evaluate my study habits and find new methods to try and find how I learn best

  12. Do you think it would be possible to spit a subatomic particle instead of just the nucleus of an atom?

    -Answer: I do not think it is possible considering the fact that we can only divide the nucleus which is made up of whole subatomic particles.

  13. Hydrogen is the lightest element in the world. However, it can power fuel cells to make electricity and unlike wood or fossil fuels, hydrogen produces no toxic pollution. The problem is that how clean hydrogen will be for the enviroment depends on how it’s made. When trying to make hydrogen in the “greenest” way possible is very expensive. So far the cheapest way to make clean hydrogen is the most toxic to the climate.

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