Hon Chemistry 5-9-24 Updated Due Dates, Test Info, etc.

HON CHEMISTRY: After much debate with myself, I’ve decided not to put the element scavenger hunt information on your test. So, as we talked about at the end of class, this means we are changing a few things. Double check the list below so you don’t miss any of this end of the chapter info.

1) Test on Friday will include general information about blocks and specific groups, but will not include information about the uses of individual elements. You will be tested on the information from the Marsh Test video.
2) Element Scavenger Hunt sheet notes – due Monday, 5-13-24 in class
3) simLAB: Determining Bond Types – now due Friday, 5-10-24, by 11:59 PM. Save as a PDF 2X (remember that means to also submit it to TurnItIn)

Let me know if you have questions. Also double check your syllabus for other upcoming due dates.