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  1. I rate this semester four out of five stars. The semester was difficult, but I studied hard and tried my best. I hope to end the semester with a high B.

  2. I rate myself this semester a 6 out of 10 because I could’ve put forth more effort to get the grade I should have gotten. Also, I should’ve studied more effectively instead of just reading and memorizing things I should have been able to apply it.

  3. I rate myself this semester a 3 out of 5 because I could’ve put forth more effort to get the grade I should have gotten. Also, I should’ve studied more effectively instead of just reading and memorizing things I should have been able to apply it.

  4. If I had to rate this semester I would give my self a 2 out of 5. I didn’t quite reach my goal like I wished but am GOING to do better next 9 weeks.

  5. Rate and Reflect on the semester. I think I deserve 2/5 stars. I don’t think I had anything other than an ordinary semester in Chemistry. I didn’t work exceptionally hard, and I didn’t reach for the stars. I did my work, mostly turned it in on time and in the right format. I studied some for tests and quizzes, and I paid attention in class. I’m hoping for a more dedicated me in the next semester, but I will be more than satisfied if I perform around the same.

  6. My goal for this semester in chemistry is to prevent what I can from getting overwhelming, to work ahead, and to remember that I can finish strong if I continue to prioritize the right things.

  7. My goal for this next semester is to not just study more but to study differently. I also need to realize that yes it is hard to manage my time especially with work and out of school activities but i need to push myself to do it. In the long run it will help me so much!

  8. My goal for the second semester is to study harder and more effectively and to stay ahead on all my assignments.

  9. My main goal for the second semester is to have a minimum of a B average in chemistry at all times. I can do this by being more diligent about doing my homework, and being more detail-oriented in my formatting for it.

  10. I need to check the syllabus more often. To complete this I will set an alarm on my flphone every Monday-Friday at 7 am to check the syllabus.

  11. So far, this week in chemistry, I have triumphed by consistently doing my work ahead of time and continuing to make sure I have everything turned in when needed and I’ve been taking time to make sure I fully understand what we’ve been practicing.

  12. Triumph: This week I effectively understood the problems and new work she gave us. I did this by not only listening intentionally in class, but putting in more intentional work, not only in class but at home. this is what helped me triumph this week.

  13. Triumph- this week I triumphed in chemistry by studying early for my quiz and making a good grade on it and starting to study for my test on Tuesday.

  14. This week I triumphed over my assignments and staying on top of the syllabus. I plan to keep trudging along until I get everything done like I need too.

  15. Ask: how does rubber get crossed with sulfur. I don’t understand how you can willy nilly combine two elements like that to make a new substance. What does the process look like and how did someone discover how to do that to rubber.

  16. Ask: How can the linear polymers in a trash bag still be durable but how can they also tear easily? They are durable because of how they are lined up but they tear easily because they are not branched so therefore they are just able to slide past each other.

  17. Why does the sodium polyacrylate’s gel/almost solid form break down easily when salt is added to it? The water leaves the gel like substance to dilute the salt, and by doing so the crosslinked polymers break apart.

  18. Ask- When writing a chemical formula if two metals in a chemical reaction were right next to each other and replaced each other in a single replacement reaction would it react faster or slower than if the metals were further apart.
    Answer- They would react slower compared to the further apart metals on the activity series because of how close they are on the activity series.

  19. Ask: What type of polymer is teflon and what exactly is it? Is it seen in our everyday lives? Teflon, or polytetrafluoroethylene, is a synthetic polymer that is a protective cost for various commonly seen items. Such as, a non-stick coating for pots and pans, a product in nail polish to prevent cracking, the coating on several hairstyling tools, etc. So, yes, we can and do see it in our everyday lives.

  20. Ask – If all of the coefficients in a chemical equation have similar numbers they can be reduced by does that mean you can reduce it to lower coefficients to make the equation smaller.
    Answer – Yes you can and you want to so that the chemical formula is in its truest and most reduced form.

  21. Ask: With an empirical formula. Can you get a formula from percentages and then turn the formula into a molecular formula?

    Answer: no. You would turn the percentage to a mass then convert to moles. Decide the moles by the smallest amount of moles however without an actual mass sample to go off of you cannot find the molecular formula.

  22. So far, throughout this semester, I have continued to prioritize chemistry and have maintained my studies and assignments for this class as I strived for in the very beginning of the month. I would give myself a 4/5 stars regarding how hard I’ve worked to keep my grades up and I hope to continue to strive to improve my work daily and keep that mindset throughout the school year.

  23. Rate and reflect. This semester I rate myself a 6/10. I rate myself this because I stay ahead on my assignments but I don’t study the most efficient and affective way for my tests resulting in bad grades.

  24. R&R: I think I am doing pretty good this semester. I rate myself a 3/5! I am putting more effort into chemistry and i put more time towards it as well.

  25. rate and reflect: this semester I rate myself a 4/5 because I’ve stayed on top of the assignments and made sure to read over and prepare for all the labs so far.

  26. Rate and reflect: I would give this week 2/5 stars. This is because I made two zeros on assignments for the week. I also made a 78 on my test. I was overall distracted during class time and did not do my best work. I would say this is partially due to the fact that I have not been getting good sleep lately.

  27. One thing I am struggling with this week is being able to balence the chemical equations. I am able to do them it is just hard for me to comprehend and solve. I am getting better at doing them but it is still a struggle.

  28. One thing I am struggling with this week is being able to completely and correctly balance chemical equations. With all the steps involved, it’s definitely much more difficult for me to understand and thoroughly complete without missing a step here and there. Over the past few days, it has started to click with me more, but yet, it is still a struggle of mine.

  29. Struggle: This week I struggled with focusing in class. I currently have a lot of things happening in my personal life and I need to become better at leaving them at the classroom door. I will stop checking my hone in class as much as well. i think that will help me focus better.

  30. This week was easier then last week because I didn’t have test and quizzes to make up from being out from covid. However I did struggle with remembering to do the most recent homework.

  31. Struggle- This week I struggled staying focused on school and staying organized. I am going to fix this by printing my syllabus and doing school work early and remembering my assignments.

  32. Triumph- This week I did good on studying and managing my time. I am starting to memorize the 17 types of chemical reactions and hopefully do good on the quiz friday! I am getting better and better at solving and writing chemical formulas.

  33. This week I have felt like I’ve done better regarding my time management, studying habits, and overall, planning my week. I have also done well with communication regarding my grades and what I’m able to do about my missing assignments that I’m still able to make-up. Throughout this week, I have improved greatly with balancing equations correctly and hope to see my improved studying habits show off on the quiz Friday!

  34. Triumph: this week’s triumph was my progress in balancing chemical equations. I was struggling on Monday, but now I feel confident in my answers. I did this by figuring out and testing new methods for balancing the equations that I thought would work for me best. I eventually landed on balancing one at a time and all in my head. that was my triumph of the week

  35. This week I feel as though I triumphed by understanding chemical reactions and practicing them. I actually understand what I’m doing when I balance equations and write chemical formulas.

  36. This week I triumphed with the 17 chemical reactions and accumulating my skills with applying it to balance equations and write them.

  37. Triumph – this week I triumphed in staying ahead on my chemistry homework and printing/checking my syllabus when j needed to keeping me were I need to be.

  38. What is the difference between decomposition and combustion? In a decomposition reaction, heat is used to separate a compound. In a combustion reaction, a reactant burns in air to produce more than one product.

  39. What is the difference between a combustion and decomposition reaction? In a combustion reaction, the reactant burns in oxygen to produce more than one product. In a decomposition reaction, heat is used for separation of that compound.

  40. Stem- Recently scientists found that rural animals had developed stomach microbes from humans. They found this through studying and testing fecal matter of rural animals and humans. They also discovered that these microbes could possibly be harmful to them. They are still testing to learn more in the matter.

  41. Stem- Recent studies have shown the quantum boomerang effect for the first time. Quantum particle have to get back to where they came from. Quantum particles act like waves that can add and subtract in complicated ways. after a normal quantum effect if the effect is nudged a little the particles will return to where they started.

  42. Omnicron, a new strand of covid is showing up faster than ever. it takes 4-6 days for symptoms to occur so that makes it harder to stop the spreading. they say that if it begins to stay that low the number of cases will skyrocket.

  43. STEM: Nearly half of every bald eagle in the US has lead poisoning. shockingly, this results from being left behind and lost ammunition in their natural habitats. when the bird eats the ammunition, it is filtered through the liver, into the bloodstream, and out of its body. but if enough is eaten in a short period of time, the eagle will die.

  44. STEM: Research has shown that dryers release more microfibers into the atmosphere than washing machines. Microfibers are more harmful than many people know and affect every part of the globe.

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