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  1. Rate and Reflect: This week I rate myself eight out of ten stars on being prepared this week. So far this week I have looked at the syllabus, studied, and I have gotten as much homework done ahead of time as I can. I am doing all of the in class assignments to my best ability and finishing them on time.

  2. Rate and Reflect: This week I give myself eight out of ten stars on maintaining my patience and being prepared for the week. Today tested my patience and tomorrow will do the same knowing that I will still have to complete the lab. I have kept up with my homework, checked the syllabus frequently, and overall perserved throughout this week.

  3. Rate and Reflect – This week I rate myself a 8/10. I rated myself this because i stayed ahead and studied for everything multiple days ahead and I also stayed ahead with all my homework.

  4. Rate and Reflect: This week I rate my self a seven out of ten stars for being on top of the things I need to do like excel and office 365.

  5. I would give myself 4.5 out of 5 stars. this is because I am very confident in the work that I have accomplished this week. I feel like I personally am at my peak performance in Chemistry, but for the other 0.5 missing, I will work even harder in the days to come. This to bring it up to an angelic, magical 5 stars. Thank you for your time. America.

  6. i rate myself a 4 out of 5 stars this week! i did really good with keeping up with chemistry work and other classes! i studied for all of my classes and kept up with all of my class work as well. i personally did super good this week.

  7. This week I rate myself 4 out of 5 stars. This week I made sure to get to class prepared and I was able to stay focused during class to get all of my work done. I’ve looked ahead at the week, and I’m getting things done ahead of time.

  8. I want to have at least an 87 in the class. I think that I should start studying earlier and not cram as much for tests and quizzes. I think this is a very attainable goal. I also should piut for effort into correct formatting on assignments

  9. This semester, I strive to attain a mentality that I never give up and I perservere even though it may be difficut at times. I can do this by refocusing myself at the beginning of each week and never getting behind or confused about something and not asking for help.

  10. My main goal for chemistry in the second term is to make good grades and put 110% into all of my work in everything. I also want to keep a positive mindset throughout the 9 weeks as well. I can do this by managing my time wisely, and also taking time off for myself!

  11. My goal this 2nd term is to make higher than a C and also strive for a better grade on test. If anything my grade needs it more than I do. I also need to manage my time more wisely than I did last term too.

  12. My goal for chemistry in the second term is to study ahead on all tests and quizzes and to stay ahead on every assignment. I plan on doing this by printing out my syllabus and putting all hw and tests in my notes on my phone so that it can remind me ahead of there due date.

  13. my goal for chemistry for the second half of this semester is to have a consistent grade above an 80.I am going to do this by studying more and staying of ahead of the things that I need to do.

  14. One thing I struggled with in chemistry was studying the periodic table. The only reason I ” struggled ” with that is because it has always been hard for me to study because I can never really focus for long periods of time. I can fix this by studying in time incriments instead of studying for hours on end.

  15. This week I have struggled in several ways, specifically time management and motivation. Due to after school practices being extended several hours later I have recently found it harder to manage my time for chemistry and my other classes. I also come home so tired that I lack the motivation to want to get my homework done. I can fix this by making sure I am prepared to get my homework done, and reworking the time that I have to do my work and study.

  16. Struggle: this week I struggled to sit down and study the elements. I can change this by making dedicated time to do so, instead of just telling myself I will do it when I feel like it.

  17. One thing I struggling with this week in chemistry was studying the periodic table. Although it was probably somewhat easier for me than others because I had to learn the periodic table last year, I still struggled with recalling the information and making sure I had everything spelled correctly. But overall, I am proud of myself because I was consistent with my studies throughout the week and now I can see the positive results.

  18. Thinking deeper question and answer – What are the scientific names of the rows and columns on the periodic table?
    In the periodic table, the rows are called periods. And the columns are called groups or families.

  19. This week in chemistry I asked my self where do the symbols for the elements come from. I found out that they come form Latin names.

  20. This week in chemistry I came upon a question that was quickly answered by notes the following day. I asked myself what the actual difference was between something being cold and what the abcence of heat was. I found out that if something is cold, it is just the result of the abcence of heat.

  21. Is a pickle still a cucumber or is it a new substance? What process occurs? Research shows that it is a new substance. This is because it undergoes a chemical change in its pH level.

  22. If I cut through butter with a hot knife, does a physical or a chemical change occur?
    A Physical change occurs because the butter that the knife cut through is still butter even though it melted where it was cut. the butter is still butter basically.

  23. If I cut through butter with a hot knife, does a physical or a chemical change occur?
    A Physical change occurs because the butter that the knife cut through is still butter even though it melted where it was cut. the butter is still butter basically.

  24. this week i asked myself if i ripped a piece of paper would it be a physical or chemical change? it would be a physical chance because there was no color change, heat used, and it is still paper.

  25. This week I rate my performance on the chapter one test a 6 out of 10. I rate myself this because I studied multiple days ahead and studied for more than three hours for it. But one thing I would improve on this test I would have added more to my discussion questions so that I would have had enough for the answers.

  26. For this week in chemistry, I would rate myself a 5 out of 10. This week I studied hard, but realized I wasn’t as well off on the information as I thought I was. From now on, I will study for longer periods of time at once.

  27. Rate/Reflect: I would rate myself 4/5 stars this week. I think that because I made a 91 on my test, but I could have done some things better. I could have started studying earlier in the week and memorized the periodic table more completely. This would have helped me get more sleep before the test, and feel more confident going into it.

  28. For this week in chemistry i would rate myself a 7 out of 10. Yes i did not do the best on the chem test but i am still proud of myself for studying hard and pushing myself. However next week i will use different sources and ways to study so i will make a better grade.

  29. Struggle – this week I struggled with staying on task and staying ahead on my assignments. To fix this I’m going to start looking at the syllabus Sunday night and writing out my assignments for each day so I remember them.

  30. This week I wasn’t feel the best and got little sleep. Staying on task was a struggle and I feel like I could have done better with some assignments.

  31. one interesting fact about science right now is that we get approximately 58 new cases of covid every single day in the state of mississippi. we have had over 50K cases but it is getting better over time.

  32. This week researched why some clouds glow in the dark. It talked about how sometimes clouds look like they’re glowing, but really it’s a meteor entering the earth’s atmosphere and breaking off before it hits earth. Researchers showed that there’s smoke coming from the meteor that give the cloud a luminous glow.

  33. Stem: Researches from the John A. Paulson school at Harvard have made a recent development in exoskeleton technology. they have made improvements in the variability in walking speeds for exoskeletons. this is helpful for the variety in what they are being used for. these prototypes can now run, walk, jog, and march. not just walk at one speed.

  34. STEM: I researched if the COVID vaccines cause infertility, and if any rumors surrounding the vaccines are true. The data collected by researchers proves that the vaccines are not affecting the rates of pregnancies. But there are many rumors circling the world about the vaccines causing infertility, but in truth people are only speaking through fear and not the proven facts. In truth, the research proves that COVID itself is more likely to make a letdown infertile than the vaccine.

  35. STEM – Scientists have recently discovered a way to repair spinal cord injury’s by injecting a serum into the spinal cord. What the serum does is it is injected as a gel then forms to the spinal cord to mimic the spinal cord fibers. This has been tested on paralyzed mice and after 4 weeks the mice were able to walk again.

  36. I did well with keeping up with chemistry homework this week. I did well because i took time off to do it. I managed my time way better this week than I did last week.

  37. This week I managed my time better by studying in advance for the majority of my classes. I took extra time to do so, and for the most part, it paid off.

  38. Triumph: This week I prepared in advance well. I’m fully prepared for the pop quiz if we have one, and I was prepared for the labs and handouts we had. I did this because I read the syllabus for every day instead of just the day ahead.

  39. Triumph: This week I came to class excited to learn well. this helped me pay more attention and participate in class better. I did this by getting more sleep and trying to cherish the fact that I get to learn every day.

  40. This week I triumphed this week in chemistry by studying well for the polyatomic ions quiz and making a 100 on the quiz..

  41. Triumph – This week in chemistry I triumphed by taking good notes and making sure all the homework we had I did on time the day before. I did this by checking my syllabus daily and asking others if we had other assignments to do.

  42. Triumph — This week I triumphed over Polyatomic Ions and pre-fixes. I didn’t meet all my goals this week but am willing to try harder after Thanksgiving Break.

  43. What are the oxidation numbers of each atom in the compound NaBrO3. Na has an oxidation number of +1. Br has an oxidation number of +5. O has an oxidation number of -2.

  44. When balancing a chemical formula are there times when a chemical formula will balance itself. Yes there are times when this happens but it doesn’t happen very often.

  45. Ask- If you are given a chemical formula how would you make sure it’s correct? I would check and see if all the rules are followed correctly by following the steps. Is it a metal? Can it have more than one charge? Is it silver or zinc? And so on,

  46. What are the oxidation numbers in KClO2?
    K has an oxidation number of +1, Cl has an oxidation number of +3, and O has an oxidation number of -2.

  47. I rate this semester a 4/5! I think that this semester was more difficult but I still tried my best with everything. I like the stuff we have learned so far as well!

  48. I rate this semester a 4/5! I think with all I had going on this semester, I did really well. I can’t wait for next semester to see what all we’ll explore through chemistry and the rest of my classes!

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