5 thoughts on “Physics 4-11-24 Resonance Applications & Beats

  1. This week was busy. Even though I only came to school every other day, It was tough to have to catch up every day on what I missed the day before. And also keeping up with the project is difficult, but doable. Overall a good week but it’s been busy for sure.

  2. This week has been pretty good. I’ve been staying ontop of my homework, so I can get ahead on some other assignments. I’m a little worried about the Rube project because I know things will not always go how we want them to; however, my group is going to stay ontop fo the work and get ahead on the tri-fold.

  3. There was a lot to learn this week. I found the tuning fork interactions and Tacoma Narrows Bridge interesting, but I think there’s a lot of information about waves to keep straight in my head on top of everything I already have. I’m also excited to work some more on the Rube Goldberg machine to see if everything we’ve conceptualized actually works.

  4. This week was very interesting in physics. The waves are super interesting, especially sound waves. I really enjoyed learning about how the sound travels through the ear and how the different frequencies match with different cilia.

  5. This week was pretty chill. Learning more about sound waves was really cool. Learning was fun when we discovered how the amplitudes and frequencies change how one perceives sound. Other than that not too much homework and very informing.

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