Chemistry 4-10-24 Properties of Radioactive Isotopes

CHEMISTRY: So ordinarily it looks like just any old hunk of rock, but this is a picture of uranium ore under UV light. Pretty cool, huh?!? Here’s our beginning discussion of the unique properties of radioactive nuclides. And as a bonus, this vodcast has a head start at looking at nuclear equations. Woohoo!!

Below the lesson vodcast is a look at some of the homework questions involving binding energy, neutron to proton ratio and nuclear stability – #48, 9, 10, and 11. These would make great test discussion/problems! Be sure and distinguish between light and heavy isotopes!

Nuclear Stbility HW

Photo by Keagan Henman on Unsplash

Physics 4-10-24 Sound Intensity and Resonance

PHYSICS: All kinds of ways to make music! And great discussion of intensity and resonance! Were you okay with the problems?

Couple of items to apply for further contemplation – so how does the whole hearing thing work? I mean, I know the little bones in your ear move, but why? Is resonance involved? Great item for application/discussion!

flickr photo by Morning Guitar