Chemistry 1-26-24 Balancing Chemical Equations Practice

CHEMISTRY: Okay, maybe balancing equations isn’t exactly like this, but…..

Great practice today! Do you feel better about balancing equations? Here’s a short review of some of the equations from today.

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38 thoughts on “Chemistry 1-26-24 Balancing Chemical Equations Practice

  1. I would rate myself a 4/5 stars on balancing chemical equations. I am decent at doing the math portion, but I still need to go back and review the formulas.

  2. I rate myself a 3/5 this week because I’ve been shaving to do lots of makeup work and I have been falling behind a little.

  3. I rate myself a 3/5 on balancing equations. I really need to go back and learn the formulas to help me with it. But I’m doing good at the math part.

  4. I rate my progress so far a 3/5. I stayed on top of things even when we did a little remote learning and kept up with my understanding of the materials.

  5. I rate myself a 3.5/5.
    I started chemistry a little rough but I am working to get that in order and the process is working.

  6. I give myself a 1/5 because I haven’t really been on top of things this week like i should have. I’ve been falling behind in a lot of my classes lately.

  7. I have been struggling with chemical formulas and remembering charges and stuff. I need to study this more before the tests even though it is old material.

  8. This week I have struggled with recalling all of the polyatomic ions as well as the common substances for balancing chemical equations. Before the quiz tomorrow I am going to make sure that I know all of them.

  9. This week i’ve struggled with the memorization part of the class. Memorizing the polyatomic ions is something difficult for me, and I will need to review them before the quiz to refresh my memory.

    • This week I struggled with chemical equations that had diatomic properties elements in the equations because I would forget the seven diatomic elements. I’m going to fix this by studying and memorizing all the seven diatomic elements.

    • This week I struggled with balancing chemical formulas. It was hard for me to catch on to especially since I’m not very good at naming compounds. But I’m gonna spend more time in naming compounds and speed and do my best to get better then re-take the quiz on Monday!

  10. This week I have struggled with the balancing equations problems. I’ve struggled with remembering all the formulas and charges. At the help session I’ll get help with the problems I struggle with the most to help me be prepared for the quiz.

  11. This week I have struggled with balancing chemical equations because I didn’t memorize my polyatomic ions in the past. But I began to memorize ones I didn’t have memorized this week to prepare for my quiz

  12. This week i struggled with balancing chemical equations and memorizing polyatomic ions. I overcame it by studying my polyatomic ions and practicing chemical equations.

  13. This week I have struggled with studying. I procrastinated studying for the quiz on Wednesday. I wish I studied more so I was better prepared.

  14. This week I did not so much struggle with balancing chemical equations, however it was more so that I struggled with writing chemical equations. I will continue to study and review all of the polyatomic ions and all of the acids that I struggled writing.

  15. This week I struggled with memorizing things and studying enough. I am going to continue to get better and better by putting in more work and time. Also, I will be more intentional with my studying.

  16. This week I’ve struggled a bit with making decisions. I have had a lot on my mind which has made everything else much more frustrating.

  17. This week I think I did really good with keeping up with everything and taking in the knowledge but one thing that stumped me a little was memorization of past things like remembering acids and poly atomic ions and things like that for the test. To fix this I am going to make flash cards for all things I need to have memorized.

  18. I have been struggling with learning how to balance equations. Something I can do to help this struggle is practicing more and asking for help when I get stuck on something.

  19. This week, I struggled with remembering things that I have memorized in the past. This slowed me down in balancing chemical equations. Other than that, I did pretty well with balancing equations.

  20. This week I struggled with time management with studying and preparing for the quiz and while taking the quiz I ran out of time and spent too much time on each problem. I will try my best to manage time management better by moving on after over minutes during the quiz and coming back after.

  21. This week I struggled with careless mistakes on the test that I could have avoided. I will overcome this by going slower and making time for me so I can look my test back over.

  22. I struggled with balanced equations this week. I plan to do more practice and learn the diatomic molecules and rules of writing the equations

  23. This week I struggled with not paying attention in class. I have been super exhausted this week and it has caused me to slack off. So I will get more sleep and pay better attention in class.

  24. This week I struggled with studying for the quiz we had on Wednesday. In the future, I will force, myself to study more in advance.

  25. This week, I struggled with being fully prepared for the quiz. I was able to balance the equations but I need to do better on time. I will work more problems so that I can work on finishing problems faster.

  26. I struggled with recalling the polyatomic ions this week. I eventually did well on the quiz, but it felt like having to memorize them all over again. Going forward, I shall prepare more in advance so I am aware of what I might need to catch up on.

  27. This week I started off really struggling with balancing equations, but as the week went on and we practiced more I got much better. This all paid off on the quiz on Wednesday and I’m glad I prepared the way I did.

  28. This week I have struggled with balancing equations and remembering all of the things leading up to it. Going forward, I need to study more in advance.

  29. I have been struggling with learning how to balance equations. I need to take a break and relearn everything. I will do much better this week.

  30. This week my triumph was turning in my stuff on time and doing it all because compared to last week or week before I forgot some things

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