Chemistry 1-19-24 Ch 7 Online Review Worksheet

CHEMISTRY: You’ve finished the chapter, now it’s time to practice what you’ve learned – and there is A LOT! Great idea to check out the Chapter 7 ALL Stuff to Know Sheet here on the class website.

For Friday, you’ll be doing the Ch 7 Online Review Worksheet on Canvas. (Click on Quizzes and then Practice Quizzes.) There are 44 total questions, but 6 of them are problems to work out. You can have two attempts on the worksheet and your grade will be the average of your two scores. It’s now due this coming Monday at 8:00 AM (that’s an update!).

CAUTION: It’s long, so don’t start it unless you have at least 50 minutes to finish. It could take longer if you have to go back to your notes to look up how to do things. Also, read the following IMPORTANT instructions before you begin. And don’t forget you’ll have to turn in written work for the problems.

IMPORTANT #1: READ BEFORE STARTING. To type in your answers, make sure of the following. If you get an answer wrong because of the way you typed it, I won’t go back and change your grade.

Capitalization – don’t capitalize any thing EXCEPT symbol letters that are supposed to be upper case. So don’t capitalize names for elements or compounds.
Roman numerals – DO put a space between the element name and the Roman numeral and CAPITALIZE I and V. Like this: titanium (IV) oxide
Ion charges & oxidation numbers – You don’t include ion charges when you write formulas, but YOU DO write charges if you are writing the formula or oxidation number for an ion. Don’t put a space between the number and the charge. Like this: +2
Units – Put a space between a number and the unit. Write the symbol, not the word for the unit.
Double check your spelling!!

IMPORTANT #2: For the problems section, work the problem correctly and completely on notebook paper and turn in the notebook paper in class. You won’t receive credit for the problems if you don’t turn in your work. FYI – there are 6 problems.

Hon Chemistry 1-19-24 Assignment for Friday

HON CHEMISTRY: So what do you think about reaction stoichiometry? Today you’ll practice what you learned yesterday with an assignment from the online textbook. Don’t forget there are also textbook pages here on the class website – check the tabs at the top.

Don’t forget to use the keys – and the roadmaps! And here are some answers so you can check your work.