Hon Chemistry 10-26-23 Binary Ionic Compounds Formulas & Names

HON CHEMISTRY: Great start on writing and naming chemical formulas! What’d you think? Do-able? Absolutely!!

Today we concentrated on binary ionic compounds. Tomorrow we’ll look at compounds with polyatomic ions. We’ll go kind of slow to begin with, but make sure to take time to practice, practice, practice, and learn it step by step. You’ll be as lost as ball in high weeds if you let yourself get behind!

And speaking of polyatomic ions, how are you doing with memorizing those?!?

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6 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 10-26-23 Binary Ionic Compounds Formulas & Names

  1. I rate my chapter one test an 8. I was really happy I got an A. I need to do something different when it comes to my discussion questions though. I was not as specific as I needed to be, I will improve this by making sure nothing is left unsaid in upcoming discussion questions.

  2. My preparation time was very good for this test. I studied days in advance and will continue to study early instead of trying to cram everything in on one night. My grade still is not where I want it to be, so I will explore new methods of studying such as flashcards, repeat writing, and explaining to others. Also, I need to improve my thought process in my discussion question(s), and get everything that is in my head, out on paper.

  3. I would rate myself an 8 out of 10 on the chapter one test. I did much better on the multiple choice portion this time and made a grade I was very proud of. Something I can work on would be to get more points on the discussion questions. I had a hard time putting what was in my head onto my paper so from now on, in class, I will start asking more questions to deeper my understanding.

  4. I would rate myself a 7 out of 10 on the chapter 1 Test. This is because I did much better on the multiple choice questions, but still messed up on the second discussion question. One thing I did better on this test that I will repeat is that I started studying a week before the test. I am going to try and be more involved in class now so that I can learn the concepts better.

  5. I would rate myself a 4/5on this test. I would rate myself this because I did well on the multiple choice portion and did a good job studying . I still didn’t have a complete explanation on discussion so that is why I took a point away. I will more through next time.

  6. I rate my test a 5.5. I made a good grade but I could have done a lot better. I could’ve prepared more and gotten an even better grade. I need to study more the time than I studied and really do my best to understand the material way in advance of the test. I need to work on answering my discussion questions also. I need to work on explaining myself better.

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