Physics 10-27-23 Friction & Normal Force & Forces at an Angle

PHYSICS: Why don’t things that are moving just keep moving? And then what happens to your applied force when you pull or push something at an angle?

Super important to remember – it’s not forces, but net forces that produce acceleration. So this means there are a couple of different ways to look at Fnet – a whole made up of parts and something that produces accelerations. Good stuff!

Another good reminder – you can find Ff a couple of different ways – it’ll be part of a net force equation and can be found from the coefficient of friction equation. If and ONLY if your object is moving at a constant velocity, Ff will equal Fa. Fn is only sometimes equal to Fw. If your object is pulled at any angle (or pushed), Fn will be a part of Fnet in the vertical direction.

Whew! 🙂

Photo by Antonia Lombardi on Unsplash

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3 thoughts on “Physics 10-27-23 Friction & Normal Force & Forces at an Angle

  1. This week was a very stressful week in physics. the lab taught me patience and how to alter the lab when things are not working. the lab report will definitely take a while but I’m glad we ended up doing it right and getting barely any error!

  2. This week was a little up and down. At first the lab was TAKING MY SOUL piece by piece, but by the end of the week, I knew a little more about the lab and what I needed to do do it ended up working out. Overall a good week.

  3. This week was very frustrating. This was due to two big things: one, i didn’t know what i was doing and two it wasn’t working. This lab was incredible frustrating and if i never hear Newton’s second law ever again it will be too soon. However, this did teach me to just slow down and try my best to work through the madness and i can appreciate that.

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