Physics 10-23-23 Egg Launch & Newton’s 2nd & 3rd Laws

PHYSICS: Launching eggs – kind of. What a great way to start class! So what changes motion? Here is our look at Newton’s 2nd and 3rd laws.

One of the most important things to remember – net forces produce acceleration. Now let’s see where you can take it!

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2 thoughts on “Physics 10-23-23 Egg Launch & Newton’s 2nd & 3rd Laws

  1. Most labs are challenging, but Newton’s second law lab was even harder than the breaking distance lab. It definitely taught me to stop and understand why I am doing things and not just start testing masses or writing down random data. This lab was mentally challenging and extremely frustrating, but I learned why what we did at first was wrong/ very inaccurate and how to fix it. It definitely challenged me to think critically and try, fail, and try again.

  2. While challenging, I think that the Newton’s Second Law lab was interesting and taught me how to think more critically about lab design. Looking back on the procedure I performed now, the correct method seems obvious, but I’m sort of glad that I made mistakes because it allows me to understand what I did wrong and how to avoid it in the future. I hope that I’m able to internalize the lessons learned from this lab and apply them to both physics and other academic subjects, especially in college.

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