10 thoughts on “Physics 10-27-21 Newton’s 2nd & 3rd Laws

  1. A struggle that I had this week was definitely the Newton’s Second Law lab. Sparkvue was very difficult to navigate, so it took Sean and I a long time to be able to actually set up the lab. When we did set it up, we had trouble interpreting the results that we actually did come up with because of the way they were formatted. To overcome this struggle when I use sparkvue again in the future, I will try to remember what I did to get sparkvue to work properly this time and use this prior knowledge to work more efficiently with sparkvue in the future.

  2. S-Struggle
    A struggle that I had this week is connected to last week as well. I had a difficult time figuring out the Zorba problem on the first homework worksheet that we did and still do not completely understand the concept. However, working the pumpkin lab in class and doing the more advanced problems did help clear somethings up. I think that now if I sat down and took the time, I could likely figure the problem out.

  3. A struggle this week was the lab from yesterday and today. It took way longer than it should have to understand, and I am still not entirely sure that what we did was correct. Sparkvue was also extremely exasperating to figure out, which added to the struggle.

  4. I’d rate myself 3 out of 5 stars this week. There were lots of labs this week, and I got caught up in the labs and forgot to think of why we were doing them. My understanding of concepts isn’t doing so hot because of that.

  5. I had a couple struggles this week. First, I struggled with some of the homework problems, such as the Zorba problem. I am just struggling with how to set them up, but I plan on working them over and over again until I am able to do them easily. Another major struggle this week was the Newton’s Second Law lab. Sparkvue is not my favorite thing ever, so I had a hard time working with the program and interpreting our data. I also just struggled with understanding why we were doing what we were doing. Hopefully, in the future I am able to utilize my knowledge of Sparkvue better and remain calm when I am feeling lost. I plan on making sure I completely understand the lab before we start doing anything, as I think that could prevent unnecessary confusion.

  6. RATE
    This week, I rate myself a 4/5 stars. I actually got a little bit ahead on working on lab reports this week and felt pretty confident about equilibrium problems. Also, the labs I did this week (mass of the pumpkin and Newton’s second law) were mainly successful! Elizabeth and I found the mass of the pumpkin within two percent error, which I was quite proud of. Also, I felt like Cooper and I were mostly successful on the Newton’s second law lab once we figured out how to work it, and we had a pretty solid plan on how to find the mass of the book. However, we still struggled on what to do with the data we collected (how to apply it in finding the mass of the book).

  7. S – Struggle
    This week, my major struggle was the Newton’s Second Law Lab. The lab itself was not a very big problem in of itself, however, Abby and I seriously struggled with the technology portion of this lab. Our first struggle was setting the SparkVue up to begin with, once we got that, the issues just kept rolling in. As they kept coming we kept dealing with them and learning how to better and more efficiently use SparkVue. Once we got to the book drop is when we ran out of our technological problem solving skills. The results of our book drop seemed to be written in unreadable hieroglyphics. We tried to somehow interpret these results but to no avail. We couldn’t figure out what we were looking at. Not to mention the unreadable results, the graph did not look similar to the other graphs we had used previously. All in all a serious struggle. In the future I will try and remember what we did so that I can apply it quicker in the future to achieve the results Im looking for. Our major struggle of not being able to read a single number is still not solved so I guess we will have to figure something out next week.

  8. Struggle
    My big struggle this week was the Newton’s Second Law Lab. To start we struggled to even get set up for the lab and find the right one on sparkvue. Then when we began our trials the sensor on the car wouldn’t read the acceleration for our trials 2-5 until the last second, most likely because the car was going too fast. Then we struggled to work through the math portion with the force and acceleration of the book to find the mass. We have an answer for everything I just hope that we’re right on the write up. I will try to find out why went wrong over the weekend so if we ever do it again it won’t be such a train wreck. I also struggled a little bit to manage my time between college essays and lab write ups but now that we have the extension I feel a lot better and more confident that I can do both on time.

  9. S – Struggle

    A major struggle I had this week was the Newton’s Second Law lab. To say this lab was frustrating is a gross understatement. SparkVue would not cooperate with Liam and I nor practically anyone in the class, but no matter what we did, it would still end up messing up every few trials. We finally got on a roll and were getting good graphs with clear data until we got to the book. SparkVue just decided that it would not graph the book’s acceleration. The graph was just blank. Despite many efforts to solve our SparkVue struggles, the class and I left utterly confused, frustrated, and late to lunch. In the future, I will try to understand SparkVue better and hopefully not be so confused.

  10. Struggle
    This week I struggled with some of the homework and Newton’s Second Law Lab. For the homework, I had trouble figuring out how to go about doing some of the problems and which course of action to take. However, Noah and I worked well together to find the mass of the pumpkin. Next, the Newton’s Second Law Lab caused some trouble. Hadley and I had a pretty good and consistent method, and most things went pretty smoothly, but we struggled in some areas as well, such as in how to use the data to our advantage. Overall, it was a pretty solid week with lots of room for improvement.

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