Hon Chemistry 10-28-21 Chemical Formulas with Polyatomic Ions

HON CHEMISTRY: Great job today! Remember it’s like baby steps, first binary ionic compounds, and now, formulas with polyatomic ions. Begin learning them now! And practice, practice, practice!!

Another great idea, click here for a copy of the Hints for Naming Chemical Formulas Flow Chart, or find it under the Worksheet/Handouts Tab. Follow it every time you name chemical formulas!!

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Chemistry 10-28-21 Energy, Heat & Temperature

CHEMISTRY: Great discussion today on the difference in heat and energy! Can you apply what you know? So why did that paper cup of water not burn in the Bunsen burner flame? And you boiled water in it? Awesome! And a great topic for discussion!

Today’s lesson is below, and blow that is another take on the explanation for boiling water in a paper cup.

Now what about that test tomorrow? Are you ready?!

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Boiling Water in a Paper Cup