8 thoughts on “Physics 10-21-21 Forces & Equilibrium

  1. Struggle- I have been formatting my homework answers incorrectly.

    How I will over come it- I will format my homework correctly.

  2. I had a big struggle this week. The equilibrium problems are very hard and I’ve had a hard time focusing on doing them.

  3. I rate myself a 4/5 for this week. I am very happy with how this week went in physics class! First, I do not feel completely lost with our new equilibrium problems. I have been fairly competent on the homeworks and I was able to get the right answers for most! Another thing I was super confident about this week was me and my lab partners performance on the inertia balance lab. We both were super confused at first but we still managed to do fairly well!!

  4. T -Triumph

    One triumph I had this week was the football thrown from a moving car lab. After the first trial, I was able to figure out how far I needed to back up and how quickly I needed to accelerate in order to be able to maintain a constant velocity that matched Josh’s throw. Each trial after that went very smoothly on my end, and I was able to consistently maintain the necessary constant velocity.

  5. Triumph:
    I have a couple triumphs from this week.
    This week Karis and I very successfully designed the lab to find the mass of the unknown, and we’re extremely close to the actual value of the unknown. Our teamwork was unmatched 🙂
    Also, I feel like I am actually understanding the equilibrium problems and fully grasping the why behind them.

  6. This week I would rate myself a 4/5. When we did notes in class, I understood the material we were going over and the practice problems seemed pretty doable to me. Additionally, Abby and I did very well on our mass of the unknown lab and we worked very well and efficiently with each other to accomplish the task.

  7. Triumph:
    This week one of my triumphs was the success Elizabeth and I had on our inertia balance lab. At first glance we were both struggling to wrap our minds around it, but as we thought about it, we were able to develop a plan on how we would measure the mass of an object using the balance. Although our percent error might not have been as low as other groups, we still had a relatively low percent error considering all factors. I believe we worked well and efficiently to gather the data we needed and complete the lab with minimal error. Another triumph I’ve been having so far are the equilibrium problems, however I believe this current triumph will no longer be a triumph after this weekends homework.

  8. Triumph:
    This week I had a few triumphs. The first came from just understanding new materials and working all the problems correct both in class and on the homework. I also had a triumph in the inertia balance lab. Me and Noah were able to come up with a plan that left little room for error and this was reflected in our percent error. I hope I can continue to have triumphs this next week but we’ll see.

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