Chemistry – Your LAST Web Post Comment!!

Can you believe it?!? This is your LAST web post comment!! This is where you put it and here are the three things I want you to talk about:

1) How did chemistry grow you? What did you learn about yourself?
2) What advice do you have for future chemistry students?
3) What could we have done different this year that would have helped you learn chemistry better?

Can’t wait to hear from you!! 🙂

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79 thoughts on “Chemistry – Your LAST Web Post Comment!!

  1. Chemistry help me think deeper. I learned that I actually really really enjoy chemistry even the math and memorization part. My advice is STUDY!!! Even if you think you know it study since you might not be able to apply it. Do more activities it’s how I learn best and it’s the funnest part of class. Thank you Ms. Skinner for teaching us and helping us this year!

  2. 1) I learned that I can’t just look at information to learn it. I have to apply it.
    2) Advice is to always double check your work and make sure you followed directions.
    3) I could have checked my work and been better prepared for my assignments

  3. This year, chemistry taught me how to manage my time more efficiently, work harder, and most importantly think deeper. It challenged me in ways that I have never been challenged and it honestly was the one class that drove me to apply the same level of work ethic to every other class. I will always remember how much chemistry helped me, not only in the realm of chemistry but in learning and developing important life skills. My advice to the rising sophomores is to be diligent. There may be nights where you just can’t take it anymore, and diligence and perseverance are key to breaking this mindset. Also, remember to not just know, but to know WHY! This phrase is the one phrase that will carry you through chemistry. Even with covid restrictions and the many things that go along with that, I felt like I efficiently learned a lot of new things and I don’t have any new suggestions for teaching methods.

  4. Chemistry helped me grow this year by stretching me to try my hardest and it taught me that I’m not very good at staying on task and not procrastinating. I would tell students that are coming into chemistry to always do their webposts and study really hard for tests. When you think you’re prepared keep studying because you probably aren’t. And wish that we never had to go remote anything and I wish we had more review days

  5. 1. Chemistry grew me in ways that I didn’t expect. It was hard and honestly I really struggled. Looking back, I realized that I made small changes in the way I studied and the way I worked and now I am a better student.
    2. Honestly, just take a big breath and just get to work. You’ll be fine, just keep up your work effort. It’s a challenge but you can do it. Also. WORK AHEAD! Coffee is your best friend, its okay to cry, and TALK TO MS SKINNER!!! She is very helpful.
    3. I’m not sure. The memorization was very hard but it forced me to grow. I think this year was exactly what I needed.

  6. Chemistry made me think harder and deeper and it helped me become more aware of different situations in everyday life. The advice I have for future students is don’t procrastinate get your stuff done early and work hard and do your best. I think this year was a great year and there’s not much I would change other than doing more small fun labs.

  7. 1). Chemistry taught me things I did not know I had in me. It grew me by making me push harder and when I felt like giving up or only giving 50% of effort. It also taught me skills I did not know I had in me, like studying more efficiently and staying up late to put in the extra work.
    2). Advice I would give is that it may seem like a lot at first but it is very doable if you would just put in some of your time and effort. Also don’t try to cram the project in one week.
    3). I would have used different study methods earlier in the year and would have started on projects and lab reports way earlier than the last night so I would not have been so rushed.
    It was a fun ride.

  8. 1) I always knew that my procrastination would come back to bite me, and Chemistry was the subject that bit me. Most notably in the form of the project, which had me up until 4 am the night before it was due. Chemistry taught me to balance my workloads and pace myself.

    2) My advice is to just do your work as early as you can. Don’t put anything off like I did because you will regret it.

    3) I definitely would have started my project much much much sooner and I would have begun the year with a webpost alarm instead of making it halfway through. I would take better notes and study earlier. And I would just relax and take it slow because if you freak out, you will not be a good student for chemistry.

  9. Chemistry taught me the best way I learn. It taught me how to push myself to my full potential and study well. I learned I am capable of hard things.
    My advice is don’t be so hard on yourself because you can do it… and do your webpost.
    I wish I would’ve stayed on top of homework better and checked my work to avoid careless mistakes.

  10. I grew in my knowledge and skills for chemistry and school in general. I was able to learn that I can accomplish a lot more than I thought I could. My advice for a future chemistry student is to do your homework and don’t procrastinate or you will regret it. If I could have done anything different it would have been to study harder for my tests, set an alarm for web posts, and to have started on my project the day I was assigned it.

  11. 1) Chemistry helped me grow in ways i didn’t expect. i helped me realize how i really learn and that i need to start applying what i learn.
    2) For future students, i would tell them to study. i often found myself cramming at the last minute and barely studying instead of spending my time wisely and studying in advance.
    3) I think more fun and interactive games would really improve learning, even though with covid restrictions that was difficult.

  12. This year chemistry has really opened my eyes to the benefits of hard work and has showed me what it looks like to really work for your grades. I would tell future chem students to always. DO. THE. EXTRA. CREDIT. If i could have a do over, I would probably work even harder to get better grades on labs and tests cause I know that i could’ve done better.

  13. 1) Chemistry taught me that I have to work hard to understand and apply everything I learn. I can’t rely on memorization but I need to get better at application.
    2) Do not procrastinate. Make sure to study and practice application. Do all your webposts be a they count. Make sure to correct your lab reports.
    3) I wouldn’t change anything about this year. It was a good experience. I feel like I’ve grown from this.

  14. 1) Chemistry grew my perseverance. I learned just how much of a struggle it is to pull yourself out of a slump and how hard it is not to be lazy but that when you aren’t lazy you are handsomely rewarded.

    2) Don’t take this class lightly no matter if it feels it is starting to ease up on you keep pushing so something unexpectedly difficult doesn’t drag you down.

    3) This year I wish I had taken more electronic notes, looking back at my handwritten notes I struggled to organize my thoughts and just felt like I was writing things down but with bullet points in Google Docs as well as neater letters it became much more easily read and I was able to organize my notes which in turn helped my studying.

  15. 1.Chemistry improved my ability to balance remembering multiple assignments at once such as web posts, lab reports, and book work. It also helped me learn to develop a deeper understanding with the information I’m given rather than just copying down facts to memorize for the test or going only by the formulas to find a solution.
    2.My advice would be that perseverance is key. Never let misunderstanding a concept discourage you from trying, even if you have had it explained to you more times than you can count. A bad grade does not equal failure. As long as you put in all the effort you have, you can be proud of your result.
    3.One thing I should have done differently is going back over the material that confused me in class the day of rather than waiting until later. Often I would find that I would be procrastinating until a couple days before the test to practice and understand how to do what we had learned about weeks prior.

  16. 1. Chemistry this year has really taught me how to adapt quicker, and because I was remote most of the year I really struggled.
    2. Study! No matter how good you think you are at doing the lesson, you still need to study and practice.
    3. It would’ve been amazing if I could have been in class most of the year, and I really think it could’ve helped me a lot.

  17. 1. Chemistry has helped me understand that there’s more aspects to science than I had thought. At first when I thought of chemistry, I thought about colorful tubes and mixing them, but I never understood why or that there’s a deeper meaning behind it all. Now when I think about chemistry, I think about half life problems and how we apply math to science to create one big goal. I also learned that procrastinating may work in some classes, but not chemistry. There’s too much material and a vast way of studying to fit you.
    2. Be particular and accurate with your work. Double check or even triple check your tests before turning them in if you have time. Use up the whole period to take the test whether that means checking your answers 7 times.
    3. What I could’ve done better this year in chemistry would probably be to prioritize it better. I always put it off and prioritized other classes before chemistry, but I see now that you have to get your precedence in order. I also could’ve tried to used different studying methods because my one method didn’t really work for all of the material we learned, only most of it.

  18. (1) This class has taught me so many valuable things that no other class would. Chemistry has opened my eyes to my flaws and prepped me for challenging courses in the future. Chemistry forced me to find study habits that are actually beneficial. Chemistry has helped me develop a strong note-taking skill that will assist me the rest of my life. Chemistry has taught me that knowing information just for the sake of memorizing will get me absolutely nowhere, but being able to apply concepts will take me far. And finally, chemistry has forced me to come to terms with the fact that I am not perfect, and that I will not perform as well as I want to, but I have learned to never give up and to try harder when this happens.

    (2) My advice to future students is to be patient with yourself and do not be scared. I remember the nerves I had when I first walked into the chemistry classroom; nerves about labs, tests, discussions, and even Ms. Skinner’s expectations. However, always remember that set backs play a major role growing and learning from this class. For example, if a concept is not clicking with you one day, don’t worry. Be patient with yourself and find the root of the problem. Perhaps you need to take better notes, or ask more questions, or even learn more out of class. In order to grow from this class, we all must fail, and while everyone’s definition of failure is different, we can still learn from the mistakes we make. If you put your mind to it, you will be capable of succeeding this class. Also, do your extra credit; it’s so worth it.

    (3) One thing that would have been beneficial would be outlining the chapter in order of the slides before taking notes over it. At times on lecture days it felt as if all of the notes were being thrown at me with no visible connections, which made it hard for me to understand where we were going with concepts. However, I do realize that this may take some time out of lectures and that it may not be beneficial to everyone since not everyone must see whole the route before they travel it. Also, I realize reading the section more often and taking general notes while doing so could have aided me with this as well.

    Thank you Ms. Skinner! A Hari HC6 is out.

  19. 1.) Chemistry grew me in many ways. I went into this class just listening to all of the people talking about how hard it was and i set myself up for failure in the beginning. I had no faith in myself to pass this class but once i started to work hard i realized that i was capable of more than i thought. Chemistry has taught me that i never want to go into any type of science field, but to work hard and do not settle for the bare minimum because it never pays off.
    2.)For future chemistry students I would say, don’t go into this class with a negative mindset. Try your hardest always and it will pay off for you in the long run. It was A LOT of work and stress, but a lot of it i did to myself. Do not be like Ella Lammey.
    3.) I would not change many things about the class, but sometimes a break day would be nice because chemistry can be a lot of work on your brain. I found myself and many other students dozing off a lot in class, so taking a little brain break every now and then would not hurt anything. Thank you Ms. Skinner and Mrs. Jackie for the error point outs, squirrel jokes, all the call-outs in class, the paper folding, and most importantly-teaching me that hard work is worth it. I loved every bit of it

  20. 1. Chemistry helped me grow in the way I’m studying for things. It made me realize that I am not studying the way that I need to be.
    2. My advice for future chemistry students is to not wait until the last minute to start your exam review, to start your project, or to start studying for test. Always start ahead like Mrs. Skinner says. You may think it sounds crazy but it helps ALOT.
    3. I feel like if I wasn’t quarantined so many times and didn’t have to do online learning while learning chemistry lessons and taking test, I could have learned chemistry better but overall I did way better in this class than I thought I would.

  21. 1. Chemistry taught me how to manage multiple large assignments at once. In every other class in the past, it’s always been one assignment at a time, and we wouldn’t move on until each task was complete. However, this year helped me learn how to budget my time when given more assignments than I’m used to. This year, I learned that there really is a limit to how much I can procrastinate. There is a point at which I could not study or do the assignment well enough in the time that I had given myself.
    2. Advice for future students would be to both plan out their week in advance and to calm down. Chemistry can be overwhelming, but if you plan out when you’ll do your assignments in advance and just take a deep breath, you’ll realize that the class is not impossible to get through. Procrastinating is your enemy so really budget your time in advance and stick to it.
    3. I would have benefited from doing more Physics Classrooms or assignments like that because they gave immediate feedback and wouldn’t let me go on until I got every single piece right. Practicing that way really helped me learn the process to solving the problems and clues of what to look for.

  22. (1) This class has taught me so many valuable things that no other class would. Chemistry forced me to mature in my study habits and has helped me develop a strong note-taking skill. It has also taught me that memorizing information will get me nowhere, but being able to apply it will take me far. Chemistry has also forced me to come to terms with the fact that I am not perfect, and that I will not perform as well as I want to at times.
    (2) My advice to future students is to be patient with yourself and do not get discouraged. Always remember that setbacks play a major role growing and learning. If a concept is not clicking with you, don’t worry. Be patient with yourself and find the root of the problem. In order to grow from this class, we all must fail, and we learn from the mistakes we make. Also, do your extra credit; it’s so worth it.
    (3) One thing that would have been beneficial would be outlining the chapter in order of the slides before starting to take notes on it. At times on lecture days it felt as if all of the notes were being thrown at me with no connections, which made it hard for me to understand where we were going with concepts. However, I do realize that this may take some time out of lectures and that it may not be beneficial to everyone since not everyone must see the whole route before they travel it. Also, I realize that reading the section more often and taking general notes on it could have aided me with this as well. Thank you so much, Ms. Skinner!!

  23. This year chemistry not only taught me how to learn different ways of studying things and taking different perspectives of things, but also how to apply what I learn to basic everyday life. I learned procrastination is one of the biggest problems students can have these days and how to manage my time better. If I had to give future chemistry students any advice it would be to put in the extra time to make the better grade and DO NOT procrastinate work, it still has to get done either way. Prioritize everything and make sure you are keeping up with your assignments and DONT FORGET WEBPOST!!:)

  24. 1)Chemistry has taught me so many valuable life lesson this year that I feel will be beneficial to me in college and life and general. For example, Ms.Skinner has taught me that I don’t need to just know random facts that she goes over but I need to be able to apply those facts so that I truly know that not only was I good listener but I was also able to take the things I heard, understand them and then applied it to a real world situation and I felt seeing how all the information applied to real world applications helped me understand that i’m not just learning this stuff to pass a test but i’m learning this stuff so that I won’t be completely lost in the real world. This class has also helped me get closer to God , there are many times where I was just on the edge of defeat and didn’t know how I was possibly going to get assignments done in this class but then God showed me that he will never put me in a battle that he can not win and as long as I keep my eyes on him He will have the victory in the end and i’m so thankful that Ms.Skinner showed me meaning of Philippians 4:6-7:Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. After chemistry this verse means so much more to me now because not only is God saying he has your back in battle but he is also declaring victory over the battle before you even know you are in a situation.
    2) One piece of advice I would like to give to next years chemistry students is to not let your worth be determined by the grade you have in this class.I can tell you for a fact that some of you are going to make grades that you never even knew were possible and yes it’s going to be a major punch in the stomach when you receive that grade but make sure you get back up afterwards and get ready for the next swing because if you stay down you are just going to keep getting hit over and over again, Meaning yes that one grade is going to make you feel like you failed but dust yourself off ask yourself two questions: 1st what did I do right , 2nd what should I have done to better prepare.These two questions will force you to fix your studying habits, which will in return will get you better grades.
    3) One thing that I can think of that would have helped me more in class would probably doing the rule that you do sometimes where a person is only able to talk one time, I feel like this would have forced me and other students to talk more which would then make us more engaged in the lesson we would be learning.

  25. 1. I think chemistry really forced me to have to change my mindset on studying and just school in general. This is the first class I think where I’ve had to genuinely put in the work and effort in order to succeed.
    2. Some advice for future chemistry students would be to come into chemistry ready to be challenged, and ready to put in the work and effort. Come in to chemistry wanting to succeed and believe that you can succeed. Because you can, but like I keep on saying, only by putting in the work and effort.
    3. I really don’t think that I can think of anything that I think should have been changed that would have helped me to learn chemistry better, except for my own personal habits.

  26. 1. Chemistry helped me grow. It gave me new study patterns. It forced me to organize myself. It made me open my mind to see outside the box.
    3. Study, learn how you need to study, and do it. don’t procrastinate. Go back and watch the vodcast, every single one and retake your notes. take notes, lots of them. read the chapters in the book. try your hardest.
    3. I think I could have tried harder and forced myself to work a little harder. I wasn’t as organized as i needed to be.

  27. 1.I learned the there are many different ways to study and prepare for a test and I also learned that chemistry isn’t a class you can just shrug off till later you actually need to apply yourself
    2. For next years chemistry students I say do not procrastinate it always ends up bad
    3.if I applied myself more in chemistry I would have learned better I think we did a lot to try and help me learn

  28. 1. I have learned so much from chemistry this year. It has been a difficult class but i have grown in studying taking notes and preparing for test.
    2 . For next years students I would say make sure you study and have fun with the class. It will drive you crazy but it is preparing you for college and other classes
    3.I think that I could have studied harder for test and did better on the labs. I should have not let these web post. These are easy grades and I forgot a few times.

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