Hon Chemistry 5-6-21 Multiple Covalent Bonds, Resonance & Polyatomic Ions

HON CHEMISTRY: Are your eyes playing tricks on you yet? 🙂 Great job working with multiple bonds with Lewis structures today! Here’s our discussion from on double and triple covalent bonds.

Be careful about getting too happy with double bonding – count electrons and don’t forget CONS. And what else? Oh yes, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

Chemistry 5-6-21 Chapters 3A & 21 Problems Review

CHEMISTRY: God bless you as you practice for the test. Friday’s short test is only chapter 3a. Monday’s short test is only chapter 29.

Use the Chapter 3A and the 21 Stuff to Know sheet as a guide for what you are memorizing and practicing.

Here is the review of the problems from today. Bottom line? Memorize everything and practice everything! And did I mention, PRACTICE!! God bless you! I’ll be praying!!