Hon Chemistry 5-13-21 Chapter 6 Overview & Help Session

HON CHEMISTRY – Are you practicing for tomorrow’s test? And how are you doing with your own “Stuff to Know” sheet? Below is the help session from this morning. The audio didn’t record for the test overview today (my fault!), but I’ll post (when it renders) an old overview of chapter 6 that might help a little.

A couple of things to remember that are different from the old test overview that I posted. The test is over Ch 5 and Ch 6. For chapter 5, check out the “Stuff to Know” sheet. You don’t have to know any of the scavenger hunt, but you do have to know general properties of the groups of elements. You also need to know and be able to apply the information on periodic trends.

For chapter 6, you don’t have to use orbital notation to show covalent bonds. Also, hybridization won’t be on this test. Practice Lewis structures, molecular geometry, dipoles, drawing ionic bonding, and the discussion questions! There will be two on this test – one from chapter 5 and one from chapter 6. God bless you as you study and practice!

Help Session from Thursday morning:

Old Ch 6 Overview & Practice

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