Chemistry 10-22-20 Chapter 1 Test Help Session

CHEMISTRY – Are you ready? God bless you as you study! Here’s the help session from this morning – good stuff!! (FYI – I didn’t put on the mic until about 24 seconds. Crazy morning!)

Make sure you aren’t just reading your book and notes. First, memorize the facts, then go back and make sure you can apply the concepts. Study examples, make your own examples, practice making questions. And don’t forget, if you are getting lost with everything you need to know, or if you’re not sure how to study, Chapter 1 Stuff to Know Sheet under the Test Info tab

Don’t forget the Chapter 1 Pre-test. Scroll down here on the web site for the web post from yesterday to find it. Also remember there are great review games that are in the Student Premium section of the online textbook. You can do this – I believe in you! I’m praying for you!!

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36 thoughts on “Chemistry 10-22-20 Chapter 1 Test Help Session

  1. Q: What are the three evidences of a chemical change ?

    A:1. gas is produced
    2. precipitat is formed
    3. heat and/or light is produced

  2. Q:Which element is used in computer chips or circuit boards and why.

    A: Silicon because it is able to take the heat while conducting electricity and signals for the computer. It is also not as malleable than metal making it more brittle than metal but not as brittle as a nonmetal.

  3. Q: Why are temperature and heat not considered the same thing?

    A: Temperature is the measure of the average kinetic energy of a substance, whereas heat is the total thermal energy in a system.

  4. Q. What is the difference between a chemical and physical change

    A. A chemical change changes the make up of something and the physical change does not change the make up

  5. Question: What is the difference between temperature and heat

    Answer: Temperature is the average amount of kinetic energy in a substance. While heat is a form of energy.

  6. Q- Is turning on a lightbulb a chemical or physical change ?

    A- the light bulb has a filament that heats up and glows this is a physical change

  7. Q: What is the difference between endothermic and exothermic?
    A: An exothermic process releases heat, causing the temperature of the immediate surroundings to rise. An endothermic process absorbs heat and cools the surroundings

  8. Q: Chemistry students are studying the effect of acid rain on historic statues. What branch of chemistry is that?

    A: Inorganic chemistry

  9. Overall, I think that I did about a 4/5 on the test. Although I reached my goal of getting an A, the questions that I missed were definitely ones that I knew. I think it will be beneficial to me to go back over the test once I finish if I have extra time. I also need to work on my small handwriting.

  10. I would rate my test performance a 3/5. I did very well on multiple choice but need to improve on learning the elements by looking at them an extra 5 minutes

  11. I would rate my test performance a 3/5. I definitely could’ve done better. My grade did improve from the last test we took. I’m still thinking of other ways to study and to prepare for the test.

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