Physics 10-6-20 Relative Motion Revisited – Motion Down a River and a Stone Thrown

PHYSICS – Wow, we finally made it to the official end of chapter 3! Do you realize how much you’ve accomplished? Awesome!

UPDATE: Try to finish #36 – the kid with the watergun on the slide, tonight. Test is moved to Thursday. Need extra help? Help session Thursday morning, Thursday, 7:30ish.

How’d you do with relative motion “revisited”? You know, you’ve done this already. The only new part is the motion of objects in the same direction and opposite directions, relative to each other. Don’t forget, you’ll use what you learned about vector addition to work those “boat goes across a river” and “plane experiences a head wind” types of problems.

Here’s another look at relative motion, a look at #5 from the worksheet – the stone thrown from the top of a building, and a heads up on the kid on a slide with a water gun problem. Below that is the a great conceptual review from the help session – one of the worksheet problems.

flickr photo by Richard Yuan

Tuesday Morning Help Session