Physics 10-22-20 Forces & Equilibrium

PHYSICS: So, how is the balance in your life? Here’s our discussion of net force, equilibrium, and equilibrants. Were you experiencing a little déjà vu? Great job today!

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2 thoughts on “Physics 10-22-20 Forces & Equilibrium

  1. I rate myself a 3.5/5 this week. I have been pretty tired this week (obviously not as tired as Caroline and Madison), but I feel like I did really well with grasping concepts and staying on top of my work. I enjoyed the lab we did this week, and my group got really close to the actual mass of our unknown. I feel like I am understanding the conceptual material much better than I was at this point in the last chapter, and I did really well on the first equilibrant forces worksheet! It seems like we have spent more time on the conceptual side this chapter, and I think it is why I’m understanding everything better! I hope I understand the material this well next week when we learn more concepts!

  2. i rate myself a 2/5 this week. This week has been really long and exhausting. I’ve tried to stay on top of homework and class but i’ll admit it’s been rough. Surprisingly I’ve only cried like twice in physics this week. I am kind of proud of myself for earlier in the week. Truthfully things only went downhill the second half of the week (besides the crying whoops). I plan on getting caught up with all of my work and turning in all in on tuesday (thank you for the extension by the way). I will need to rewatch the vodcasts from this week because as much as tried to listen i’m not sure how much i retained.

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