Hon Chemistry 8-31-20 Scientific Notation & Conversion Factors

HON CHEMISTRY: Can estimate out how fast you can drive in at least one parking lot in Guatemala – and can you show me how you solved the problem? Even better, can I trust the validity of your work?

Good job on remembering how to use conversion factors! Remember, this isn’t just about getting an answer – some of you can do that in your head. This is about being able to convert from one unit to another using the Q-formula. (And yes, you have to do it that way!)

There’s problem with today’s vodcast – NO AUDIO! I’m posting it below if you’d just like to follow the writing. Below that I’m posting the vodcast from last year – it has audio but we didn’t get as far in the lesson last year as we did today in class.But that may be good for you!

Last year’s lesson:

Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash