Chemistry 8-17-20 Google Drive Check & Web Post Comments

Happy Monday! Here’s our discussion from today on how to do weekly web post comments. If you need more info, scroll down to the post I’ve written for you on “Web Post Comments & Ideas.”

Today we also talked about doing a final check of your Google Drive. Have you double checked your Google Drive to make sure all the assignments you have there are correct? Here’s the discussion from today where we went over each individual assignment so that you can check what you have to make sure that it matches.

Here’s a quick list of things to double check. Go back and watch the vodcast if you have questions. And text me if you have trouble!

1) Is is a PDF? Check to make sure it has the PDF symbol. Remember that when you download a doc as a PDF, you have to go back in and upload the new PDF to your Google Drive. It does not do that step automatically.

2) Does it have the correct title? After the class period and your name, make sure you have the correct title of the assignment.

3) Does it meet the requirements of the assignment? For example, does it have all the parts that it is supposed to have?

Web Post Comments & Ideas

In the future, you will probably be taking online classes where you will have to be part of online class discussion groups, and you’ll be graded on your comments and how you participate. Are you having a knowing where to post your web post comment or understanding what a good web post comment is?

Here is a plan that will help you! Your goal is to have STAR Web Post Comments. Hokey title, but maybe it will stick! Click here on the STAR Web Post Comments Idea Sheet under the Worksheets/Handouts tab for ideas for good comments that will receive credit. Be sure and check the syllabus every week for the topic for that week’s web post comment.

Here are some hints:

IMPORTANT: Make double dog sure you write your name in your web post the correct way. If your name/heading is not written correctly, you will not receive any credit for making the web post. Check an earlier syllabus for instructions on how to write your name.

Here’s what you do to post a web post comment:

  1. Click on the title of any web post from the week that I have made for your class.
  2. Scroll to the very bottom of it where it says “Leave a Reply” – you may have to scroll past comments from other people, but you can reply to those also!
  3. Enter your name correctly (check your syllabus) and your email.
  4. Type in your comment (see the info above.)
  5. Type in the Anti Spam characters in the space provided.
  6. Click Post Comment and you are done!