Chemistry 8-13-20 Technology 101 & Lab Reports

CHEMISTRY: Awesome job today beginning the journey of learning to write digital lab reports. Be sure and follow very carefully the directions in the Tech 101 Assignment sheet. Everything in the Tech 101 assignment is there to teach you something that you will need to know how to do to write up lab reports.

Two GREAT apps for your phone that will make your lab report writing life SOOOO much easier are the Google Drive app and Scannable (iphones) or FastScanner (android phones.) With the Google Drive app you can send lab photos from your phone directly to your drive and then insert them directly into your lab report. Huge time saver! With the scanning apps, you will be able to scan in your handwriting, calculations, etc., without having to use a scanner. So very helpful for this year – and I use it all the time in my every day life!!

For the future, here’s an overview of your workflow as you write up labs:

  • First, you’ll write your lab in Word or Google Docs, CAREFULLY following the Digital Lab Manuscript Form guidelines
  • Convert your Word document or Google Doc to a PDF
  • Upload the PDF to Google Drive in your Class Shared Folder
  • AND upload the PDF to

Instructions for using are on the Tech 101 sheet. Holler if you have questions. If you already have an account you can use it – you don’t have to set up a new one. Don’t forget, the class codes and enrollment key for Turnitin are the the Tech Overview handout I gave you yesterday.