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I’m excited to read your projects and find out what you did to survive!! Did you do more than just survive the project? Here’s where you post you comment for the week.

Web post topic – What did you learn from the Lost… Project (not related to chemistry). What did God teach you through the project?


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50 thoughts on “Lost… Project Web Post Comment

  1. God taught me that I am capable of seemingly impossible things. Luke 1:37 This bible verse kept showing up and encouraging me telling me that i can do it. I had not heard this verse for a while. i think i remember learning it when i was young. i am thankful for how God used this verse to help me through this project.

  2. I learned never to quit, and to manage your time correctly. I am bad at waiting until the last minute to do something. even with this project I was told to not wait until the last minute but I thought it was going to be a lot easier than it was so I waited to long. and there was many times when doing t his project that I thought about quitting and just taking a bad grade. but luckily I never gave up and finished the project, even though I realized the day after we turned in our project that I forgot an object. im still hoping that I made a decent grade.

  3. From this project I learned how to think deeper. I think I finally understand how important it is to not just know, but to know why. While working on this project I had to research why for every item, I couldn’t just write something that I already knew. It for sure has changed how I answer questions now. When I do homework I always have that question pop into my head and I think it will be very beneficial for me from now on. Also through this project God has taught me to never give up. I worked for 3 hours straight one day on my project and I was exhausted, but I knew I couldn’t stop. God helped me stay strong, and focused through all of my research and typing.

  4. I learned a number of things about myself through this project. I learned that I always need to read over things more than once, because all of the answers to my questions are there. I also learned that I can’t just trust what I believe is always right because I think something is right. It helps to talk with others and get what they may think is right. The one thing that God placed on me was that he really was with me throughout the whole project. There were so many points in the project when I could not find what I was looking for or when I thought it was impossibile for me to do it in 3 weeks. I am extremly grateful that I was able to do the project now that I have done it and turned it in because it now shows and proves to me that I can overcome any obstacle that come my way in a time I was not expecting it.

  5. I learned that time management is no joke. Something I wish I had done differently with this project is worked more consistently on it. But God didn’t give me more than I could handle, and He kept me in good spirits and gave me energy as I stayed up to finish it. God taught me that what I think is impossible is possible with Him. I couldn’t have completed this project without His guidance. A lot of the time spent on the project was me just praying—I talked to God a lot throughout the process. I learned how to do a works cited from internet sources. I learned how to work as a team with my class. I learned how to not ask for the answer and instead ask for guidance and a push in the right direction. Overall, this project helped me grow in ways I didn’t think were possible.

  6. I learned that I need to work on my time management skills. Even though I started early, I wasn’t putting in 100% effort from the beginning and I kept telling myself that I would have time to go back and fix everything at the end, however, this was not the case and as a result there were multiple careless mistakes that I was not able to correct because I ran out of time. I also learned that sometimes, you just have to trust in God to get you through something that seems impossible, there were times when I thought there was no way I would be able to finish, and I felt completely lost, but I pushed through my doubts and gave everything to God and I am certain that I would never have been able to stay as determined and motivated and most likely would not have finished the project if I had not done so.

  7. Wooh, I didn’t think I would finish. I started it 2 days before it was due and still had to work for 3 hours the morning it was due. I learned that anything is possible with Gods help. I now know i need to manage my time better and push myself harder. God taught me that I can do what i put my mind to I just have to do my part. I am now a better project duer, thank you.

  8. I definitely learned about perseverance during this project. There was many nights I wanted to give up and go to sleep but I kept punching through and very proud of myself for how hard I worked on it. I also learned how I can get through any kind of struggle I might face with God’s help. I think I now truest understand how important it is to not just know but to know why, and that’s somethingI can use for the rest of my life.

  9. During this project I learned a lot about patience and time management. There were many times during this project where I couldn’t find information for an item which taught me to keep calm and try different wording. I learned time management when I received the packet. I saw what I thought to be little work effort and started early. Thankfully I had started early, considering the research part took three days. I am glad I have learned to have more patience and learn how to manage my time.

  10. For this project I learned that patience, time management, and not stressing were things that I need to do daily. I did not start on the project until about 4 days before it was due and I really stressed and it occupied all my time. I learned from the Lord that I need to trust in him more and he will guide me through the situations I am facing.

  11. I learned from the project that good time management is of utmost importance. This project was the hardest thing I’ve had to do in a long time. I was stupid and ended up starting the project about 3 days before which was extremely tough on my morale. However I pulled through and got it done.

  12. The biggest thing that I learned throughout this project was patience. There were countless times that I couldn’t find what I needed on the internet or in a book and I wanted to give up. In these times, God laid my stress to rest and gave me patience. Soon enough, He showed me the answer that I had been looking for.

  13. During this project, God showed me that even if something is overwhelming, I can still get through it. I just need to take it one step at a time. It also taught me not to listen to other people, because their version of hard is different from my version of hard. Even though the project took a long time, it was only a lot of work, not so much hard.

  14. What I learned throughout this project was that it is a very good idea to start early and do a piece at a time. I am thankful that this was a project that I actually enjoyed doing. It took a very long time to complete. I also learned to stay calm while completing the project. There were many times I became frustrated because I couldn’t find a reason for something or a source.

  15. I learned that no matter what keep trying to do your best and it will work out for you. Also I learned that the day you get the project start doing a little bit each day so the night before you’re not stressing to make sure you’ve done everything. But know when to stop to not overwhelm you.

  16. This project taught me a lot of things, but one of the main ones was that work put in is not gonna directly correlate to the grade you get. I feel like (especially at a private school) that we often have the mindset that if we put in X hours for studying, writing a paper, or really any assignment that we should get some grade regardless of how good the work actually was. I heard quite a few people mention how they started and finished in just the weekend before, and that really puzzled me at first. I worked over an hour a day for the first two weeks researching, and then every day after school the week before I worked about until I went to bed. That weekend/Monday night, I even stayed up late to work on it. It seemed crazy to me that I had spent so much time on the project, and mine was still only marginally better. Normally in this scenario, if I had worked for 3-4x the amount of time somebody else did, it would be expected that I would have made a much better paper, but that is clearly not the case if you have read mine. I really had been under the mindset that more is always better, but that is not always the case, especially in science. Nobody wants to read a 21-page paper when it could have been at least half that long. So, since right now I am seriously considering getting a Ph.D. in math, I really need to work on actually saying something. A lot of my paper was verbose yet made no real addition, and that is probably why I had much less sources than others with similar lengths. It was a fun project overall, though, and I really enjoyed pushing myself to my limit while writing it, but I now know that I need to improve that limit drastically if I am to succeed at some of my goals in life.

  17. During this project I learned that time management is key. I also realized that when the teacher says do not wait til the last minute that you shouldn’t wait til the last minute. God also taught me that patience is an important skill when doing a long project.

  18. A Poff C2

    I knew going into the project procrastination was going to hurt me in the long road, but I learned to never quit and not lose my faith in God during the project. He taught me that I can do everything with His help. Trying to do the project without Him would’ve been impossible.

  19. I learned a number of things while doing this project. One thing I learned is that I really do need to rely on God for everything. I’m probably the biggest procrastinator I know and it really showed while I was down my project. I started the Saturday before it was due and had to pull two all nighters. I really didn’t think I was gonna get it done. After many breakdowns, I realized I just needed to give it to God and ask for His guidance. By God’s grace, I got it done at 6:00 Tuesday morning. I’m truly thankful that I have a God that loves me enough to help me through a chemistry project because I would never ever want to help anyone through that.

  20. I have learned alot of things from the chemistry project. One thing I learned was to rely on God for everything. I needed to trust Him through the whole experience. I learned how to manage my time very well. I learned to never give up because I wanteed to give up and not do the project but, I got through it and I kinda enjoyed it.

  21. I learned a lot from The Project. First, I learned not to freak out. It’s really not as bad as it seems at first and it can actually be kinda fun. Next I learned time management. If you plan out how long it will take you and work a little everyday, you won’t have to be stressed while doing it. Lastly I learned that we can’t do anything ourselves, but if we ask God to help us we can do anything.

  22. I learned perseverance and self-motivation. I started the project late and really did not want to start it but I had to stay motivated to finish the project. Once I got started, I wanted to give up but I remained motivated.

  23. What I got from the project was not to procrastinate it will help with anything. God showed me that if I worry things will not get done and he will always guide you to your right path.

  24. I learned that even when you think that you’re almost done, you’re not always there yet. There are a lot of small details that you must have to succeed and you have to make sure that you did them right. This project also taught me to start as soon as you get the instructions, don’t wait.

  25. On this project I learned that time is your friend. I started my research a couple days after it was assigned and that helped me for when the time got closer to turn it in. I was so thankful I had started it then. We face things that are difficult or we think is impossible but with God all things are possible. Being diligent and God providing me with the energy to complete made it easier to work on.

  26. I learned that I should have started the project as soon as possible. This would help to reduce the stress that I experienced. If I would have started sooner it would have given me extra time to make changes without worrying about deadlines.

  27. Though this project was very tough, it taught me sooo much about both chemistry and about the goodness of God. i stressed a lot on this project. that’s one thing i took away… don’t procrastinate… it did nothing but give me mental breakdowns and no sleep. but through it all, i learned how much i can rely on God. through my mental breakdowns and no sleep, God was there giving me peace. He gave me a sense of peace before, during and after the project (especially after the breakdowns). as i continue the rest of the school year and life in general i can know that God is always there in school, out of school, anywhere at anytime. he is always with me.

  28. By just looking at the two packets of information, this project seemed really hard. After I read through everything I realized I could do it. What I learned from doing this project first of all was patience. I need to be more patient in life and know that you can’t do something in one night. If you have a goal, you must work with patience over a period of time and not rush it. Secondly, this project taught me that you can do whatever you want in life. If you don’t think you can do something or people tell you that you can’t, don’t listen to them because you can do it. If you really work hard and stay positive, you can do whatever you want. God taught me throughout the project to trust him. If I felt discouraged or like I couldn’t do it, God reminded me that I could do it I just needed to trust him.

  29. I think of all things God taught me on this project, one major one would be consistency. I have learned to work thoroughly throughout the project and not do it all at once and overwhelm myself. I believe that this lesson is important and I will use it throughout life as I mature.

  30. Going into the project, I expected to learn more about chemistry, but I ended up also learning about time management and God. After staying up exrememly late to finish the project, I realized that you should always give yourself more time than you think you will need and never procrastinate. I also learned to not get caught up and spend hours on one thing you don’t quite understand when you could be using that time to accomplish five other things you do understand. Through the process of doing the project, I learned that God will never give you something you can’t handle with His help. Looking back, I realized that I actually enjoyed the project, although I would never want to put myself through it again!

  31. I have been aware of this chemistry project since the 7th grade. It is truly one of the most famous aspects of high school at Northpoint, for good reason. Upon first glance, this project seems relatively simple; however, the deeper you delve into it, the more you see that there is to accomplish. This is similar to the candle in the dark room: the bigger the flame, the more you can see the magnitude of the room. At first, I thought this project was going to be mindless in the sense that it was merely busy work. However, to my surprise, I was required to use arguably the most critical thinking I have ever had to allocate for a single task. This project worked as a great refresher on the importance of research and an exquisite eye-opener on the importance of being thorough. This project was accompanied by a rather hectic emotional rollercoaster out of which I can honestly say I have emerged an ameliorated human. This project helped nurture the art of cooperation and consideration when helping others. Also, this project helped me learn more about the conditions under which I work at my optimal level. All of these great intellectual improvements are miniscule compared to the lessons that I learned from God. God used this project as a vessel to convey messages that I would have otherwise been too stubborn to heed. This project helped disassemble spiritual barriers that have been in an inevitable construction around my heart. The most important of these is the true value and satiation of hard work when supported by your peers. However, this is meaningless if your peers are not in turn supported by you. When this web of support is constructed, as it was through this project, it finally opens your eyes to the principles of Jesus’ teachings. The one true commandment is to love God and love others.

  32. I learned that you have to overcome obstacles in life in order to achieve a goal that you have set for yourself. An obstacle can set you back and cause you to get so far behind that you can’t get caught up. Don’t let it. I need to do better with this. And I will do better with this.

  33. This project was not my best moment. From the start I thought that I would be able to breeze by it but as I kept going I kept pushing it off until the the last minute until I could not procrastinate anymore. Once I started getting to the middle of the project, I saw my mistake and wished I had listened to what everyone said and ate the elephant one bite at a time. But once I had finished I realized that the entire time the Lord was trying to tell me to listen to the people trying to help me and next time I am going to listen.

  34. Going into this project, all i expected was too learn more about chemistry, research, and how to tackle a big project. I wasn’t expecting learn about myself during this experience on top of working on my nasty procrastination habit and how to manage time better. God used this project to help me to better understand myself and how i work. For example, this project showed me that getting together with someone when doing an assignment like this, even if we are working on different things, helps me be more motivated to continue working while also keeping me from stressing out as much. My dad gave me the advice of skipping a section/item/calculation when all I’m ready to do is cry and give because its better to finish something completely and not waste all of your time on one small part of the bigger picture. This project taught me a lot about knowing my limits and that it is okay to come back to a section later and to even step away completely and do something different so you don’t go insane. So many times i feel like i can’t stop working on something because I’m so anxious i won’t get it done but this project finally allowed me to open my eyes and realize that sometimes the best thing you can do is just step away, take a break, and remember that in the end, everything is i God’s hands.

  35. The project was very difficult because I started late. The project taught me manage my time better or youll have to stay up very very late.

  36. The Lost project was insane. It was tough and honestly I had no idea how to even start. However, I learned more about myself and my work ethic than about the Mponeng and how to survive (sorry!). I learned how to spend my time wisely and how to not give up. The Lord taught me the most about patience, however. I am the type of person that likes to get something done and check it off the list. However, this project was not like that at all. It felt as if I could never finish it and it was somewhat discouraging. However, I kept going and I think the reward was worth it. I also learned how to deal with things during stressful situations. All in all, I guess it was a pretty beneficial project.

  37. I’m not gonna lie. This project was not as bad as I thought, but being the procrastinator I am it was bloody awful. Although, I believe it was a learning experience too. I learned that I need to be quick to listen and slow to anger with this project because at the end of the day, semester, or school year—it is just one silly grade that doesn’t determine anything in the eyes of the Lord except a life lesson on how to manage or overcome obstacles in the future by asking God to help you achieve everything and anything.

  38. I posted this on our stoichiometry post but I’m reposting it since i didn’t see this post for the comment :))

    Throughout the project I learned many things. I learned new survival skills, but I also learned new things about my self. Procrastination has always been a struggle for me, and I feel like I didn’t procrastinate as much as I usually do on this project. I learned how to make a schedule of when to get things done at a certain time. Life happens, and sometimes I did not meet one of the goals of that day of either writing or researching, but that’s just another life lesson. Sometimes things come up in our lives that we can’t control, and we have to learn to work around it. Another thing that helped me grow in this project was remembering to trust in the Lord. Sometimes going through my day, I can get so caught up in the craziness life can throw at me, it slips my mind how only God can get me through this craziness. At 3 am April 30, I could barely see a light at the end of the tunnel. My mom woke up to check on me and I told her I could not do it anymore. She gave me the biggest hug and told me to just trust that God can help through it and to pray for Him to help me. I did get through it, and it shows how God is with us not only for the major events in our life, but even in the late nights when doing a chemistry project.

  39. Ms. Skinner the real question for this web post is what did I not learn. I would go into possibly interesting facts about the Mponeng mine or talk about how I was able to (hopefully) survive, but I’m not. I really wanted to talk about how this project has helped me come closer to God. In doing the project I was thinking, “there’s no way I can get this done, I don’t have enough time, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t”. After many nights worrying about the project and hoping I was following the right path and such, a sudden calmness came over me, and I felt free. I wasn’t worried about the project or finishing the paragraph I was on or even getting the project done. I felt like I was in a place where time was still and all was quiet. I have no other explanation for this other than that it was Jesus placing His hand on my shoulder and telling me that I was going to be alright. I finished my project a few days later, and for those few days, I wasn’t worried about completing it in time, because He had told me that it will be finished in time. It showed me to trust in Him more and to believe in my own abilities. You can do a lot more than anything you can ever imagine with God’s hand leading you. Ms. Skinner when I first heard of the project, I immediately assumed that only a mean evil person could ever assign such a beast of a project, but now, Ms. Skinner, I realize that the project was not to make our lives difficult, but to challenge us so that we could grow, and for that Ms. Skinner, I thank you.

  40. From the Lost…Project, I learned that a person can go for at least three weeks, if not longer, without food. This can only happen though if you have water for this time. I also learned that you can make a fire with some items that you can easily find such as rock, sticks, and cardboard. Another thing I learned was that batteries can be recharged which I never knew could happen before. The project was long, but it very also very insightful into the world. Through this project, God taught me that I can finish any task possible if I continuously work on it and think through it. God helped me persevere through this project, which he can continuously do throughout my life.

  41. The chemistry taught me a lot of things outside of chemistry. It mainly taught me to not get frustrated at every little thing. Which means i needed to either give my computer a second to catch up or simple walking away for a minute and come back with a refreshed mind. I learned to not take out all my frustration on this project and my computer as well as other people.

  42. The chemistry project has undoubtedly been the most difficult thing I’ve gone through in my high school career thus far. I’ve never really struggled in school or had to put effort into any of my work. As with a lot of activities I tried, good grades in school seemed to come easily to me. Because of the academic talents that I have been blessed with, I have allowed myself to have a relatively poor work ethic. With my over abundance of study halls this semester, I have developed the horrible habit of putting off my homework until the last possible moment. While this hasn’t caused any actual problems for me academically, it has caused a lot of stress and anxiety. In addition to this extreme procrastination, I also missed a lot of school due to school sponsored trips. Because of these trips and other obligations, I was very behind on research for the project. When I began researching and working, it was incredibly overwhelming to see how much more others had accomplished. Once I allowed myself to get overwhelmed, I almost stopped working completely. I have always had an issue with intense perfectionism. I have never allowed myself to do anything that wasn’t completely perfect. I always want to be the best, and I constantly kick myself if I’m not. While this is extremely unhealthy, it had never really been an issue until this school year. Along with everything else I’ve gone through this year, the project taught me that it’s okay to not be perfect. I’ve made new friends this year that I absolutely adore, but it has opened me up to a whole new world of things that I am not actually the best at. I’m still struggling with coming to terms with that, but the project helped more than I can describe. Without this huge challenge, I never would have realized that it’s okay to just work and strive to be the best I can be. While my finished project may not have been completely perfect, I did my absolute best. In addition to learning that all of my work didn’t have to be perfect, the project taught me the importance of time management, breaks, and encouragement. Through this school year, I have developed a lot of poor time management habits. This came back to bite me when I procrastinated working on the project. The days leading up to April 30, 2019 were some of the most stressful days of my life. This ordeal taught me that I have to plan ahead and work on assignments more consistently. I also learned how to take strategic breaks. I have always valued the importance of stepping back from school to enjoy life, but this project taught me that there is a time and place for breaks. Instead of working for hours on end until my brain turns to liquid, I learned that it is more beneficial for me to take frequent but short breaks to give my mind a rest. When I try to push myself to my limits in one sitting, I tend to produce mediocre results and slow work. From now on, I will manage my time and plan ahead while still allowing myself time to have fun. Along with these two things, I learned how to encourage my friends. This project was a task that spanned the entire chemistry class, something that doesn’t happen very often. It forced me to talk to my classmates and encourage them in their work; they also held me accountable for slacking off on my work. This chemistry project has been one of the most beneficial and exhausting experiences of my life, and despite the stress that it caused, I will forever be grateful that it happened.

  43. I learned that the ultimate consequence of procrastination is sleep deprivation. I also learned that you can alter the words of any Christian song and most Bible verses to make the applicable to any situation. For example, you can change, “You raise me up so I can stand on mountains,” to, “You give me strength to finish this chemistry project.” Hopefully the JHF version Bible verses and songs provided each lucky member of the Honors Chem group chat with the encouragement they so desperately needed.

  44. His project helped me learn time management and patience. I have never liked using computers and I probably never will but to do this project I had to use s computer and lead to be patient with it. I learned that sometimes I jus need to take a break and walk a way. This project also helped me with time management. It showed me how to work on something over a period of time not just the night before.

  45. This project taught me that persistence and dedication is the key to completing your goals. Many times I wanted to just give up half way into it but through God I was able to convince myself that I could do it and I was able to power through and create something I could be proud of.

  46. I learned a few things from this project. Time management was desperately crucial for this project. I thought I was all good when I started the Thursday before, boy was I wrong. I had to pull 2 all-nighters to get the project done on time. I also learned that this is one of those things, while it can be done alone, is much easier if you work with your peers. This can be coordinating answers to questions that we asked or suggesting sources.

  47. I’ve learned a lot during this project. God has taught me a major lesson of not procrastinating. When the project first started I sectioned it off into sections that I should do everyday. (Kind of like setting a goal for myself to meet) My game plan didn’t last very long because I started procrastinating and looking for ways not to do the work. God noticed and he took the opportunity to teach me a valuable lesson. I could hear someone just telling me “go work on your project”. I couldn’t procrastinate on a project this big or I wouldn’t make the grade I wanted (a good one hopefully). Of course I listened and started to work on the chemistry project. God knows me better than I know myself. He knows my strengths and weaknesses. Not procrastinating is an important lesson to keep and carry around with you, I’ll surely keep it with me.

  48. The Chemistry project brought to light all of my bad habits. The biggest academic flaw I have is proscrstinating. I have never done anything ahead of time in my life. I wake up 30 minutes after my alarm goes to get to school just minutes before the bell rings. If we ever have a project, I’ll usually wait till 10 or 11 the night before to even begin thinking about what to do. This grotesque habit hasn’t caused that many problems for me besides many nights without much sleep. It never resulted in a bad grade so I have never corrected the problem or even tried to. I knew that this assignment wasn’t a joke and when they said it took 40 hours to complete they really did mean 40 hours. I began on Friday night thinking I would be doing good starting 3 days before it was due. I was wrong. I hadn’t even sat down to look at much work would actually be involved with it. Once I got started I began to wonder if I would get done. I was so worried that I wouldn’t finish, and I wondered why we had to such a challenging task for a 10th grade science class. I did get finished, and now I’m glad that we were assigned such an arduous project. I feel like God used this project to really get me to change. Not only do it teach to stop proscrstinating but to pray, to pray without ceasing. Anytime I would begin to feel anxious or worried I wouldn’t finish I prayed to God that he would give me the energy and strength to finish. After praying I always felt at peace. I feel like we don’t pray enough for the little things enough. We should constantly be praying throughout the day thanking God for a friend or asking him to help us pay attention. I really feel like this project showed me that we really do need to live in prayer. For these very two important life lessons I am grateful for this project.

  49. The chemistry project taught me about time management and trusting God. I started out the project being stressed and thinking there was no way I would get done. I didn’t even know where to begin. After praying to God about it, I decided to talk to my dad. He helped me a lot and prayed with me a lot over this project. I have no clue what my grade is or how well you think I did, but I do know that it taught me a lot about myself and who I am as a person. Although, I have struggled this entire school year in this class, I do think it has better prepared me for my even harder classes in the future. Sometimes I know that I don’t seem happy to be in class, but honors chemistry truly has made me a better student and for that…thank you.

  50. During this project I learned how to use the time that I have wisely. Whenever I had a chance I would have to work on the project. I finished with 2 days to spare because of this.

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