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  1. The biggest challenge that I have had this past week is watching everybody else stress out. I have seen the true colors of a lot of friends and family some were good and some were bad. I think that I will face this different time with kindness and patience many people are stressed out and afraid and if we can show them a little patience and kindness it will go a long way to helping everybody through this time.

  2. The biggest struggle during this pandemic is trying not to be bored. Other from that I can’t complain because I have been getting some nice 14 hour sleeps in.

  3. My biggest challenge I have faced has been the new way of doing school, remote learning, because it has been very hard to keep very hard keeping all of my work together. The way I have been trying to make that better is to write down all of my assignments in one place. The new web post date does not really affect me, since I normally do my web post on Thursdays.

  4. My biggest struggle during the quarintine has been boredom and being able to find something to entertain me after I do my schoolwork. Also, i am getting tired of eating leftovers for lunch every day.

  5. my biggest struggle during quarantine is not being to go anywhere. I am doing well with all of my school work though. I think I will get used to it as time passes.

  6. My biggest challenge has been trying to compensate with the change we are going through. It has also been knowing baseball season might be canceled for good 🙁

  7. I rate myself an 8/10 so far this week. I have been getting all of my assignments done for the most part. I am just struggling with having to learn by videos now.

  8. This week has been good. I enjoy online learning because I can do all my work, then have way more time to do what I want to do/learn. The Only CHALLEBGING Part IS Having To Turn Things IN On powerschool. I would rate myself a 4/5

  9. This week I rate myself a 7/10 so far. I have gotten all of my work done except I am struggling on our first lab using remote learning. I have had trouble with the video not loading, but I keep trying everyday.

  10. I would rate myself an 8/10 on the project. I think I did really good, I just messed up a few times and had to start over. Overall though I think I will get a good grade on it.

  11. I learned that time management was important for school work and in life from the lost project. I struggles with the google slides because they were time consuming.

  12. From this project I learned responsibility and to follow instructions. If i had not followed rules I would get a 0.

  13. I rate myself a 3/5 I paced myself well and had plenty of time for all my research but I did not pay enough attention to the zoom meetings and instructions for the project

  14. Some triumph I have had this week includes getting all my work done and being happy that I’m about to pass chemistry with a decent grade. I’m also triumphant to say I made it through my junior year fairly smooth

  15. My triumph this week was learning the chemical formulas. I did good on the quiz and I didn’t procrastinate studying. I also kept up on my work.

  16. 1. chemistry helped grow me by teaching me that even though I don’t think I can do something, if I try really hard I can. I learned that I can do a lot of things that I think I can’t do.
    2. my advice to future chemistry students is to always try even when it seems to hard to do. also do all of your homework because it does help your grade.
    3. maybe gone a little slower during hard lessons.

  17. I learned how to do scientific notation this week. I applied this skill by learning how to put in scientific notation in my calculator.

  18. I’ve been struggling with managing my time and making sure i have enough time to study as well as enough sleep to be able to function the next day

  19. My goal is to end this semester with an a and plan to do this by studying and staying up late to make sure I’m prepared for all of my work.

  20. My goal is to end with an 85 or higher in chemistry to do this I’m going to stay on top of my work and not wait till the night before to start studying for a test.

  21. Will the periodic ever expand in terms of the periods and if so will it ever end? They think it will expand a few hundred meter

  22. I definitely did much better on this test than the first one, and that I’m on the right track. There was one question that I missed that was just a careless mistake on my part, so I need to be sure to double check and pay attention to the options next time. I also had a lot of trouble with applying the different fields of study with the experiment situations, I need to practice more in the future on application problems.

  23. I rate this week a 9/10 because I made some pretty good grades. On the test I messed up because I got a answer right on my test and marked it wrong on the scantron I, I can fix that next time by slowing down and double checking my work

  24. The biggest challenge for me is rendering assignments and checking the syllabus. This next week i’ll set reminders on my phone to remind me.

  25. You might not count this as deeper thinking but what is always paired with a chem rule. An exception, such as:hydrogen is always +1 except when it’s with a metal then it’s -1

  26. I rate this semester a 7/10 because I didn’t do as well as I could have. I feel like I didn’t put my absolute everything into Chemistry or even my other classes, and I need to work on that.

  27. I’d rate this semester a 3/10. I’m not good at memorization and I’m just a very slow learner. And it is a lot of work and most of the time I can not keep up with it.

  28. My goal for this semester is to not miss any web posts and I’m going to do that by setting an alarm to go off every Thursday after school.

  29. My goal is to fully read the directions to every assignment and not just schema over them. To complete this goal I will slow down a little more and stop trying to be the first one done I’ll also actually read over the assignment before the day we do that way if I don’t understand something I can ask it when I get to class.

  30. I was wondering what were the difference between different kinds of plastics I figured out that they differ in strength and form based on how the polymers are arranged, weather that is linear cross linked or branched.

  31. I rate this week a 2/5 just because of my test I wasn’t happy with my grade whatsoever but I hope to do better on the next

  32. I rate this week a 7/10 because reflecting on this week I think I’m doing well so far on balancing chemical equations; but I did get my grade back for the test which wasn’t at all what I would have liked to get, but on the bright side I can turn this into a learning experience and do better next time.

  33. i rate myself this week a 4/10 because i feel like i definitely could have done way better on the test and i think that i’ve been getting careless with my assignments so i definitely am going to turn that around

  34. S- my struggle this week was making sure i knew all of the chemical formulas so that i could balance them. i thought i knew them fine so i didn’t really study too hard on them but i definitely need to go back and make sure i know them perfectly because without those i can’t balance anything correctly.

  35. My struggle this week was memorizing and balancing chemical formulas and I dealt with it by studying and practicing for a long time and it paid off

  36. My SitN this week was about Einstein’s theory on General Relativity and how it has now been proven by photographs and new technology that they did not have back then.

  37. I was wondering how I could get better at balancing equations? I figured ou a better method of going through the wark and it really helped

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