Chemistry 5-3-19 Ionic Bonding Review & Test Notes

CHEMISTRY: Soooo many dots!!! From Friday, here’s our very short overview of the ionic bonding equations that will be on the test. How do you feel about the Chapter 6, Part 2 test on Monday? Need practice or help? Help session Monday morning, 7:20ish.

The Chapter 6, Part 2, test will be a shorter test and will be over:
1) All of ionic bonding (even the info from the beginning of the chapter)
2) Properties of ionic and covalent compounds and how they compare
3) Metallic bonding

Study hard and PRACTICE!!! I’ll be praying for you!!

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6 thoughts on “Chemistry 5-3-19 Ionic Bonding Review & Test Notes

  1. This week I would rate myself a 3/5 the project is over I got to turn in everything and it wasn’t like a burden was lifted. I’m hoping the test goes well this week and I get my grace up.

  2. I rate my self a 3/5, i know understand how to do this chapter and have been taking notes. I hope i do well on this test especially since it’s a short test. I will be studying very hard.

  3. I rate myself a 2/5 for completely being out of the game and just not focusing or knowing what’s going on. This has been the wrong I’ve felt all year but it’s no excuse to start slacking. I will study as well as I can for the upcoming test, I’m just glad it will be a short test

  4. I rate myself a 2/5 this week. I did slightly better than last week, but ultimately not satisfactory. I still am working on my time management and forgetfulness. Next week I am planning to continue to work on these downfalls and hopefully overcome them.
    xoxo liv <3

  5. God taught me that I am capable of seemingly impossible things. Luke 1:37 This bible verse kept showing up and encouraging me telling me that i can do it. I had not heard this verse for a while. i think i remember learning it when i was young. i am thankful for how God used this verse to help me through this project.

  6. On the Chemistry project, God showed me that I could finish my project if I trusted in Him to help me. He showed me I can do all thing through him. Even though I wanted to give up and quit, He helped me push through and finish in time to turn in my project and to get a good amount of sleep! I am very grateful to have an all powerful God to help me though tough times.

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