Hon Chemistry 5-2-19 Stoichiometry

HON CHEMISTRY: Here’s our discussion of reaction stoichiometry – all in one place. Were you able to apply what you remembered about moles from earlier this year? Don’t forget the keys! Now all you need is some practice and you’ll have it down pat!!

Hon Chemistry 4-7-16 Stoichiometry from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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12 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 5-2-19 Stoichiometry

  1. This week I had a triumph. My triumph was that I fully understood how to use the Q-formula to determine either moles or mass of a compound in a balanced chemical formula. I really enjoyed this chapter because I like math. This chapter was a great review of things we have already learned. Overall, this week was a really great week, and this chapter has been one of my favorites since it makes a lot of sense to me. I am also happy that it is the weekend, and I get to see Endgame after my last track meet tomorrow!

  2. I had a triumph this week in that I correctly solved a lot of my homework problems that involved stoichiometry. I barely had to use my notes, and with the help of the country story Ms. Skinner told us, I was able to remember all of the ways I had to convert. I am feeling very good about this chapter so far, and I look forward to learning the rest today.

  3. I rate myself a 3/5 this week. I am extremely happy to have the project behind me, but I wish I had started working on it earlier. I spent a great deal of time working on it; however, I didn’t realize how much I still had to do until the night before, which caused me to have to stay up extremely late finishing it. I have also enjoyed learning about stochiometry problems and limiting reactants this week. I have not had much trouble understanding them, but I still plan to do lots of practice on them before the test!

  4. I rate myself a 3/5 this week. I’m glad to have the project over with but I feel like I didn’t leave myself the time I needed to get all the sources I needed. So far I’ve been. Little confused about stoichiometry, but hopefully the homework I have over the weekend will help me to understand it better.

  5. This week I rate myself a 3/5. I give myself this rating because I have stayed pretty on top of my work even though I haven’t been at school for Friday or some of Thursday. This week has seemed to be fairly simple in concept, it’s just difficult with how much from the previous year of chem is coming back to work together for a single problem.

  6. This week I rate myself a 3/5. I haven’t been at school very much this week, and I therefore have a lot of makeup work to do. My mom will not even let me begin to work yet because she wants me to focus on resting. However, for the minute time in which I was attending school, I feel like I fully understood the brief taste of redox reactions, and am looking forward to watching the vodcasts this weekend. On the other hand, I did stay up later than desirable to finish the project on Monday night. This could have been avoided by simply being proactive and doing more work sooner. All in all, this week has been pretty good academically, but it has not been the best in other aspects. I should be back at school next Wednesday or Thursday, so I have a lot to do between now and then.

  7. This week I rate myself a 3/5. The project is finally over and I have never felt so proud and relieved. I actually managed to finish much sooner than expected on Monday night. The stoichiometry problems aren’t too bad but I will need some practice to be confident, especially sense I had to miss class on Thursday.

  8. This week I would rate myself a 3/5. I stayed up wayyyy too late on Monday night due too extreme procrastination. However, once I had finally turned in the project, I was able to relax some. Although this week has been filled with a lot of worry, anxiety, and exhaustion, I have still been able to keep up with all my school work. I think I’m on track to finish the year relatively strong, as long as I don’t let my grades slip. Throughout the final weeks of school, I just need to make sure to focus and tie up all the lose ends of work from this school year.

  9. 1) How did Physics grow you? What did you learn about yourself?
    I learned that I actually have a passion for science. Prior to this class, I always struggled with getting into the subject I was learning. The demonstrations and concepts that this class has taught me have instilled quite the desire to learn more and more in college. I regret not finding this passion sooner, as Chemistry would have been a lot more enjoyable had I actually known I would find it interesting during my senior year. If it were not for your class, I might have never found science interesting. I now study physics and chemistry concepts in my spare time for fun. I would have never expected such behavior from me in the past.
    2) What advice do you have for future physics students?
    I would say to watch YouTube videos in your spare time of people like Mark Rober and TheBackyardScientist if you do not fully grasp a concept. Sometimes in class, I would struggle in fully understanding a concept. I would do poorly as a result on the conceptual questions on the Physics tests. As the tests are 60% conceptual and 40% math, I struggled to get higher than a D on my tests. When Ms. Skinner suggested watching Paul Hewitt and Julius Sumner Miller on YouTube for help, I tried watching them prior to one of my tests. My grade on that test was 20 points higher than normal. That created an incentive in me to improve. Then, I found more and more science channels on YouTube that took me by surprise and entertained me while teaching me. Even though I am done with Physics, I still watch channels like styropyro or AlexLab for fun, as it is always good to learn things in your free time, especially when it is entertaining.
    3) What could we have done different this year that would have helped you learn Physics better?
    I think Physics could be better if there were more demonstrations. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of demonstrations that take place in Physics class, but I find that the key for anyone to learn a subject is to first see something cool that they could do with the content they are learning. For example, most people would probably imagine that building a laser is lame, as they are used to the simple laser pointers you see at Walmart that are lousy 3mw lasers. If you wanted to interest them in learning the science behind lasers, you could show them something like a 500mw laser instantly burning a hole in a black piece of cardboard. Like this, I think there should be a stronger hook at the beginning of each lesson to lure us into learning, although not everything has a super cool demonstration that is possible for you to do in a classroom setting. It would prove quite difficult for you to launch a rocket off to show us how to calculate the time it would take for it to reach the apex of its parabolic flight path. All in all, I think that the problem with Physics lies not in the way that you teach it, but in the way that we grasp it. I originally figured that it would be boring, so I put in less effort in understanding the concepts, but boy was I wrong. Understanding how the world works around you is amazing and I wish I never took learning for granted.

    This is a long web post, so I will make the ending short. Be sure to do your web post or else you will have to get creative to make up for it. This class will teach you more than you expect, so be prepared to learn. Thank you Ms. Skinner for believing in my abilities to learn and pushing me to actually understand the concepts instead of making your tests easier. Not to mention that you accepted me into Honors in the first place. It is far more entertaining to earn an A on a test than to be given one. Anyway, this will definitely be my most missed class at Northpoint to my own surprise. Have a great and rejuvenating summer!

  10. This week I 2/5. I. Had to stay up much earlier than I had originally desired. BUT I GOT THE PROJECT DONE!!!! I still have yet to catch up on sleep. Also I have been extemely unmotivated when it comes to schoolwork and just school in general. I have no idea how to re-motivate myself. Please help!!!

    • Ask yourself what you want your life to look like over the next 10 years. That includes what college you want to go to and what kind of job you want to get. Most likely you will want to get into a good college and get a high paying job or some sort of highly academic job. After figuring out what you want, identify what you need to do to get there. The odds are that your future will require that you do well in school and go to a good college; therefore, use this desire for your future to shape your daily decisions. Whenever you don’t feel like doing work, just remember that you are never going to feel like doing it. The more you use willpower to get work done, the easier it will be to do it in the future. Willpower is merely a muscle. Also, whenever you don’t feel like working anymore, just remember the future that you can easily grab as long as you put the work in. Hope this helps, this is what works for me.

  11. I rate this week a 3/5. Turning in the project made me feel successful. I didn’t sleep at all that night, but that is 100% my fault since I kind of procrastinated. What’s bad about it though is that I didn’t feel like I was procrastinating until 3 am that morning ahahah. Stoichiometry problems I think i spelt that wrong) are really fun on my opinion. I guess you could say I’m stoked for stoichiometry lol. My goal is to finish the year out strong. With my understanding of this new concept, I am hoping it will turn out good. I can not believe there’s only 15 days of schools left of my sophomore career. I’ll glad I can look back on the year and see how I’ve grown as a student.

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