Physics 4-12-19 Wave Interactions

PHYSICS: Cool thing, standing waves! How’d you like making waves with slinkies? Are you okay with constructive and destructive interference?

Here’s the slinky activity for today. Stretch the slinky a pretty good length between you and your partner, but not enough to overstretch the slinky. Below that, the discussion of wave interactions.

Physics 3-22-16 Wave Interactions from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by EfrankE

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12 thoughts on “Physics 4-12-19 Wave Interactions

  1. Oh my goodness, the egg drop and the plane labs are driving me crazy. We just need to find time to do the plane lab, but the math behind the egg drop is just not coming to me. I’ve looked at homework problems and I have yet to figure it out, but I’m in study hall right now reworking through the bungee jumping example problem. I have to be missing something! This chapter is going to take some extra studying for sure.

  2. This week in physics was pretty difficult. I struggled coming up with a method of finding the length required for the bungee lab, and this chapter seems like it may be a challenge for me conceptually (based off the homework). Hopefully as I keep working problems it will get much easier as I go, and it will make much more sense by the time I take the test. It is also kind of stressful having this project due date approaching, but I am proud of our group for getting the first five steps done on Sunday and not procrastinating.

  3. This week in Physics, I enjoyed learning about waves and wavelengths. It is all clicking with me and I am staying on top of my homework. We still need to finish our egg drop lab and type up both that lab and the plane lab, but other than that, my lab group is doing pretty well. We are staying on top of our Rube Goldberg project, but the laser has taken forever to come in! USPS said no later than yesterday I would have it, but now it is Friday and it has yet to come in. I am hoping it is in by tomorrow, or else we might have to ditch that idea! Anyway, have a great and restful weekend!

  4. This week has been long and tiring! Our bungee jumping egg must be scared of heights because it’s taking me a while to figure it all out. I have a potential idea, but we’ll just have to see whenever we’ll just have to see. Hopefully we’ll have time to meet next week… it’s crazy with everyone’s schedules being so different! I’m also hopeful that we can work on Rube this weekend. Last weekend we only got to work one day due to the rain. I’m also going to have to rewatch the vodcast from today; for some reason it was blurry on the screen in class so I was having a harder time focusing on what was going on. It sounds like I’m going to have a full weekend ahead of me!! Happy Weekend Ms. Skinner 🙂

  5. I rate myself a 3/5 this week. I feel like I could have done much better on the test we got back. I believe most of my mistakes came from test brain but it was still far too many. Overall though, I’ve had fun in chemistry and I will see you in St Louis Ms Skinner.

  6. This week I rate myself a 4/5 I did well on the test we got back, but I felt a little disappointed by it because my last one was so much higher. So far the notes we have taken have made sense to me even though it was a video, which I usually have trouble keeping up with and the homework has helped me to understand the concepts.

  7. This week has been weird getting out of explorer zone. I just am not used to learning anymore. The slinky activity was a lot of fun! I’m not sure I fully grasp the wave concept, but I’ll hopefully get it later. Have a good weekend, Ms. Skinner!

  8. It’s been a long week. Rube has been going well so far but the labs still need to be written up and the conceptual material for this chapter is slightly confusing. I will definitely need to review the entire chapter but feels like I don’t have enough time for anything anymore

  9. This week has been kinda difficult since it’s been so long since we have done work. It’s been even more difficult since Ms Skinner was not her and we had to watch old podcasts. Nothing can compare to one of her live lessons. I’m a little confused but I know once she gets back she will be able to correct all of my confusion. My group struggles big time with the egg bungee jump. We were not able to finish either days but hopefully we will figure it out.

  10. This week was exciting! It wasn’t an Explore Zone week, but it was a fun because we are starting a new chapter and discussion. Not being able to see the demonstrations for each of these lessons was hard for me to get through but the slinkies cleared up almost all of my confusion on waves. I want to do more in-class questions and work harder on labs to understand what’s going on in class at a higher level, so I will start practicing that next week.

  11. This week in.physcs has been weird.coming back and doin g lectures after explore zone has been strange. Our hour glass didn’t work very well but oh well if we had a real
    Funnel I think it would’ve worked great. We are doing waves right now and ithey aren’t really my favorite. I’m
    Guessing I’m just having trouble because I can see what’s she’s showing in real life becaus it’s on the vodcast but I’m hoping it’ll make more sense eventually.

  12. Another week and another forgotten web post, so what will it hurt to try. Been a very interesting week this week trying to learn new ideas after explore zone. I’m looking forward to keep learning about waves.

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