Lost Inside the Mponeng

Welcome to a great adventure! You’ve learned so much this year – not just concepts, but skills, and I can’t wait to see how you are going to apply it all!

Here’s the place where you can post your questions about the Lost Inside the Mponeng project so that everyone can see the answers.

First answer – the due date is Tuesday, April 30.

A really useful hint? Go back and re-read the project again – this time with a highlighter. It’s amazing how much I miss the first time I read something. So what’s your next question? 🙂

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Hon Chemistry 4-9-19 Another Look at Balancing Chemical Equations

HON CHEMISTRY: Okay, maybe balancing equations isn’t exactly like this, but…..

Are you starting to get the hand og balancing equations? Don’t forget to check the formulas first! 🙂

flickr photo by D. Sharon Pruitt, Pink Sherbet Photography

Chemistry 4-9-19 Resonance

CHEMISTRY: Wow! Lewis structures, multiple bonds, and now resonance!

HW UPDATE: Homework that was scheduled for tonight has been moved to Thursday – due Friday. Thursday night’s scheduled homework is moved to Friday – due Monday.

Here’s some good advice – don’t take shortcuts. Learn the proper steps on the easier molecules, and you’ll be able to do the hard ones. And if it’s still all Greek to you, don’t worry! Keep practicing and you’ll get it, I promise!! Don’t forget to count electrons and don’t forget CONS!