Hon Chemistry 1-23-19 Chapter 4 Overview

HON CHEMISTRY: God bless as you study for the chapter 4 test! Here’s our quick look at some of the homework – and a review of noble gas notation and what you can learn from it. Don’t forget to be ready for the flame test lab tomorrow!

Have you checked out the Chapter 4 Stuff to Know Sheet? Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to memorize the things you need to memorize so that you can apply them on the test. And practice, practice, practice, the problems and electron configurations. Did I mention that already?

What about applications for discussion? Photoelectric effect, spectroscopy, etc.? Another great idea for studying is to watch the videos that we watched in class, and others – super helpful as you study for the test!! Here are some of them:
Spectrum of the Stars (overivew of the results of the spectroscopy lab you did, shows the connection between our lab on spectroscopy and how we can identify elements), Emission Spectrum of Hydrogen (how we use it to know about the energy levels in an atom), Quantum Mechanics (about the roles of Bohr, Schrodinger, Heisenberg), and also Animated Quantum Mechanics.

Help session Monday morning, 7:20ish A.M. God bless you as you study! I’ll be praying for you!!

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22 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 1-23-19 Chapter 4 Overview

  1. This week I had a triumph. This week I really understood and enjoyed the electron configuration and noble gas configuration. I really understood this because it was easy to understand. After I did it for practice problems, it became easier. The noble gas notation made sense, and I got it pretty quickly. I will continue to do practice problems with the different notations and configurations. Overall, this week was great, and I had a big triumph.

  2. This week I would rate myself a 3/5 because I am taking good notes in class but not completely understanding the periodic table skills. I hope to do better on my test on Monday after our help session.

  3. This week I rate myself a 3/5. I feel that I understand the material for the upcoming test pretty well but still need some review. To fully prepare myself for the test I am going to rewatch the vodcasts as well as do lots of practice problems. I am also planning to attend the help session on Monday. On another note, the lab we conducted today was really cool and hopefully I will not wait till Monday night to complete the write-up.

  4. This week I rate myself a 4/5! The noble gas notation, the electron configurations, and the other one (I cannot think of the name of it lol!) was very clear to me! When doing the homework, I felt very confident when answering the questions to those problems!! The flame test lab today was also very fun to do!! Seeing the flame turn different colors when a different compound was added was also interesting.

  5. This week I denote myself with a ranking of 4/5. I was intrigued by how different metals can produce such contrasting colors solely because of a different electron configuration. It is astonishing that something so minute can be so crucial in macrophysics. In addition to this, I understood the electron configurations discussed in class, but I still need to practice them to be sure I do not forget a small step on the test. I also enjoyed learning how the scientists formulated the periodic table as well as how God has infused intricate patterns into his creation. However, despite my understanding of electron configurations, I still need to review light and the equations and calculations associated with it. Overall, this has been a fun week and I hope there will be many more of equivalent caliber.

  6. This week I rate myself a 5/5. I really understand all of the notations and the reasons for why the periodic table is set up the way it is, and really enjoyed writing all of the notations. I also really enjoyed the lab today and was very glad that I read it beforehand because the light of the burning flame wasn’t enough to ignite the fires of creativity within me.

  7. This week I had a triumph!! I overcame my fear of the Bunsen Burner! Though at first, this lab seemed daunting (mostly because fire is scary), as we did the lab, it became really cool and not scary. It was so amazing how the different compounds turned such vibrant colors in the fire. My favorite was the Strontium Chloride and the Copper Chloride. I overcame my fear of the Bunsen Burner because I was the one to hold the cotton swabs in the fire. This lab was one of the simpler ones we have done, but it is definitely my favorite!!

  8. I would rate myself a 4/5 this week. The different notations we went over this week all made sense to me. I will need to continue looking over the beginning of the chapter to be completely ready for the upcoming test. The flame lab today was super cool too! That has definitely been my favorite lab so far.

  9. I rate myself a 4/5 this week. I understood the material covered in class this week and did well on the homework. The flame test today was really cool! I loved seeing what colors the flame turned when the different compounds were added! As I study for the test this weekend, I know I will need to spend a considerable amount of time reviewing the material covered at the beginning of the chapter since it has been so long since we have talked about it!

  10. This week I would rate myself 5/5!!! I feel like I had a great week with keeping up with my work and understanding all the material. I completely understand how to do the electron configuration and periodic table tricks. I loved the flame test lab that we did today, and I feel like the lab write up won’t be too difficult. All I need to do for the test is work a few problems, refresh my memorization of the element symbols, and make sure I go over the beginning of this chapter.

  11. This week I rate myself a 3/5. I feel a little nervous about the test just because of the amount of material but if I plan ahead and stay organized in my studies I don’t think it will be too difficult. The lab today was super fun and interesting and my goal is to not procrastinate so I don’t feel overwhelmed with the lab report and the test at the same time.

  12. I rate myself a 4/5 this week. Despite it being a short week, we still completed an exciting lab. I went in knowing exactly what to do and had fun in the process. All that is left in this chapter is the test.

  13. I’d rate my 4:5 this week I have loved all the labs. The flame lab was really cool. I also
    have really enjoyed what we have been talking about in class. Electron configuration is such an interesting subjext

  14. This week I rate myself a 4/5. There were some problems on the test that I didn’t get, but now that we talked about them in class, I understand them better and know why I missed them. The Triboluminescence lab was really cool. It was stress-free, and I felt like I got to enjoy the lab and be in the moment and not worry about writing things down. I had no idea that everyday objects can emit light. It really put into perspective how much goes on in our everyday lives that we don’t catch or know is happening. This lab is one of my favorites because it is something I can do at home to show my sisters.

  15. This week I rate myself a 4/5. Buchanan and I did well on the triboluminescence and had a lot of fun in the process. It was really cool to see how chemical phenomena can be found in everyday materials and even candy. Also, I did pretty well on the test; however, I still need to make some improvements. I need to remember to always explain why something is the way it is on the discussion questions. I have also enjoyed thinking about possible experiments and demonstrations for explore zone that will interest the kids as well as me. All in all, I did well this week and I hope to have many more weeks like this one.

  16. This week I rate myself a 4/5. I only made a few simple mistakes that I believe were caused by the dreaded test brain. After going over the test in class, it also made much more sense as to the pitfalls I fell into. The triboluminescence lab was very interesting and as Caroline said, very relaxing to not have to worry about writing anything down and just enjoy the experiment.

  17. This week I rate myself a 4/5. Although I could have done better on my test, I still do see myself improving. I also am happy that I did well on my labs this week and activities.

  18. I rate myself a 3/5 this week. Although I told myself I would not procrastinate and study the night before the test, that is exactly what I did. Thankfully I did much better than I thought I did and did not actually fail like I thought! I really enjoyed the triboluminescence lab and thought it was so cool that you could see light coming off of things like striking sugar cubes against each other. I also procrastinated with my science in the news and did it the night before, which I told myself I wouldn’t do… hopefully next week I can be more on top of my assignments!

  19. This week I rate myself a 3/5. To be honest, I was very disappointed with the grade I made on my chemistry test, but I must choose to learn from my mistakes. Through some hardwork, determination, and anti-procrastination tactics I hope to do well on the next test we have. On the up side I thought the triboluminescence lab was really cool. I am also excited that we get to do ExploreZone however, I am struggling to find an activity/topic for my station. I plan to do research this weekend to come up with a few ideas.

  20. I would rate myself a 4/5 this week in chemistry. I absolutely loved the triboluminescence lab. It was so cool to see the mints and tape produce light. Another thing that made this week exciting was finding out that we will be doing Explorer Zone this year. I can’t wait to come up with not a cool experiments but a COOL expreminent for the elementary. We also got our test grades back this week. My score is not where I want it to be and I know I can do better. I’m looking forward to chemistry for this 9 weeks.

  21. I rate this week a 4/5! I’m glad to see my test grade improving based on my new study habits!! I’m very excited for this ExploreZone and the exciting experiments and research that comes with it! Also this week I learned it’s ExploreZone and not ExplorerZone and I think that’s the craziest thing lol!!!! The triboluminescence lab was super fun, and I think that it’s amazing our eyes can only see the light a lifesaver produces when chewing it only in the complete darkness!!

  22. I would rate myself a 4/5 this week. I managed to pull off an A on the first test of the semester. I also have been on top of my homework and I read and understood the labs and activity. Finally, I finished my SitN with no issues. This weekend is reserved for reasearching for the Explore Zone, which I am excited to do for the first time.

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