Physics 1-23-19 Torque & Rotational Equilibrium

PHYSICS: Awesome job with torque today!! So how’s the balance in your life right now? 😉

Homework UPDATE: Move Wednesday’s homework to Thursday, but make these changes. Pg. 264 – 268: 30, 33 – 35, 38, 42, 54 AND Torque II WS (Note that is Torque II worksheet)

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13 thoughts on “Physics 1-23-19 Torque & Rotational Equilibrium

  1. Ms. Skinner, I am STRESSING OUT!! It’s all going to eventually be ok, but right now there is literally not enough time in the day (or night for that matter). Of course, since Capstone loves me so much, it decided to have all the data wrong… we get to try and cram in another lab to fix what we messed up. Then this weekend I get to build a car! Thank goodness there’s no school Friday, because that’s the only day I have available for working on it, doing the homework, and studying. I know that Jesus says not to worry about anything, but instead pray about everything. I’m trusting in Him and He’s going to be the One to get me through this week, hour by hour. So, this week has definitely been a struggle. But Happy Three Day Weekend Ms. Skinner! 🙂

  2. So… I just typed my webpost but I don’t think it sent through. So I’ll try to write it again. This week was so short! So much happened in such a short time. We learned about torque and I know how to work the problems now. I’m not complaining sure if I am understanding the conceptual stuff right. I’m rewatching the video just to make sure and rereading the book. Something I will need to focus on more might have to be the conceptual material. On my last test, I had a grade that I wasn’t very happy about. That just means that I have to do my best to improve myself more from my mistakes.

  3. This week has been insane. Although I love short weeks, I have a harder time focusing during them. Since I pushed the lab off so long, I really messed myself up, but everything worked out in the end. I need to work on keeping on top of things, and I have to stop procrastinating.

  4. Again, short weeks are truly a false sense of security–who knew that so much could be crammed into such a short amount of time? Well, I am definitely learning that the hard way! My test unfortunately went exactly how I thought it would, so now I need to try to pick up that slack by practicing really hard, staying on top of homework/labs/KOH, and focusing on this chapter! THANK YOU again for letting AM and me come to your room so much to work on our crazy Capstone lab! It has been a small blessing amidst such a stressful week! (I am so glad that the Lord made long weekends to follow these short weeks!!)

  5. Well, last Thursday I wrote a web post about a crazy, hectic week. Obviously, I was unprepared for the STORM that would hit me on Friday! Thankfully, I can say I am officially caught up on school work as of 7th period today, but more importantly I was able to come home after school and hug my mom- its the little things! This whole ordeal has given me a lot of important perspective. I’ve been so enthralled in my academic career the past… well, four years. When you focus on something so long, its hard to remember that there are other things, way more important things, in this one life we are GIFTED. Gifted being a key word! With my dad being out of town during the most crucial stages of my mom’s treatment, I took on a lot of responsibility this past weekend. I’m prone to doing this naturally, but under the circumstances it wasn’t really a choice so much as a necessity. But this week in chapel, the speaker talked about when God calls us to die to our old selves, that also means killing off our self-reliance. The speaker said something along the lines of “I know you’re tired, overwhelmed, and weighed down from the responsibility of relying on yourself.” And WOW! I needed that. I put so much pressure on my SELF to do well in school, study hard, and then when it came to my mom, I realized I am too small to do this on my own. But even in the hospital when I was all alone, I realized I really wasn’t, and it wasn’t in my hands to decide the outcome. I realized how powerless I was over the situation, which at first was really, really scary, but then it was almost freeing. How much better can the creator of mankind heal my mom than 18 year old me? And if I find peace trusting in God when my world seemed to be crashing, why not trust him with something as silly as a physics test (which is SO inconsequential and fleeting)? Letting go doesn’t mean giving up, it just means trusting that God will work all things for the good of those who love him.

  6. This week has been a short one, thank goodness, but a stressful one as well. When we got our tests back, I was able to look and see what I messed up on and can make sure that I study that part better for the next test. I look forward to building my car this weekend and testing it out on Monday.

  7. This week has been gone by really quick. I’m really satisfied with the grade I got on the test and more importantly getting all the problems correct! That’s a win in my book. I’m really excited about this chapter that we are studying. I’m really interested in torque and angler momentum. With the king of the hill project coming up, I can’t wait to build my car. I have some really good ideas that I’m going to test/perfect.

  8. This week, though it was only three days, felt really long. With the amount of assignments thrown at me, I have to remember to continue one step at a time. This weekend is a blessing as it is long enough to complete the homework and projects I have. While my homework crisis is averted, I continue to struggle with conceptual problems on the tests even when I believe my understanding is good. I never seem to be able to cut down on the amount of multiple choice missed. On this last test, I originally believed that I barely missed any multiple choice and thought I would make a high grade on it, but that turned out to be untrue. Regardless, that leaves me with room for improvement for the future. On the lab, Capstone proved problematic with the data so my lab partners and I had to cram in a lab today. All in all, this week has been tiring and I am glad that it has come to an end.

  9. Even though this week was a short one, it was anything but stress-free! Once again I was extremely unhappy with my test score. I truly understood the material before the test but I guess not well enough? I don’t even know what exactly went wrong but something sure did because the simple mistakes I made were absolutely ridiculous. It’s taking everything in me not to get completely discouraged and give up. So, I’m going to spend this long weekend trying to get all my work done and then make sure I actually understand what we are learning about. Hopefully, this next week will go a little smoother haha.

  10. This 3 day week felt very long. I did not do as well on the multiple choice portion of the test, but I was happy that I got all of the problems correct! I’m really excited to start building my king of the hill project; I have a pretty good idea of what to do to make my car run with a high speed while still not being too small. Hopefully I can get it built over the weekend and it be the winning car!

  11. This week has been a hassle. I got my test back this week and I did great on the problems but I worked so much on them I forgot to be study for the multiple choice. I sadly missed a lot of conceptual questions. I am also a little confused on torque but hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out this weekend. I’m exited to finish up my car this weekend using my knowledge of physics to help me through it. Also the problems are going to be though from the ones I’ve already seen.

  12. This chapter is not as easy as momentum was for me to understand. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time grasping the simple concept of torque. My attention span during school always takes a second to relapse back to its standard form during the second semester due to basketball, and I just need to power through to get back to my normal rate of studying and homework effort. The last test wasn’t up to my standards, and I hope I’ll prove my dedication to Physics again with the construction of the best model car. This project is scaryto me because it’s parameters are so broad; the only objective is to make it the best, so I have a significant room for error in design and overall creation process.

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