Hon Chemistry 1-23-19 Chapter 4 Overview

HON CHEMISTRY: God bless as you study for the chapter 4 test! Here’s our quick look at some of the homework – and a review of noble gas notation and what you can learn from it. Don’t forget to be ready for the flame test lab tomorrow!

Have you checked out the Chapter 4 Stuff to Know Sheet? Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to memorize the things you need to memorize so that you can apply them on the test. And practice, practice, practice, the problems and electron configurations. Did I mention that already?

What about applications for discussion? Photoelectric effect, spectroscopy, etc.? Another great idea for studying is to watch the videos that we watched in class, and others – super helpful as you study for the test!! Here are some of them:
Spectrum of the Stars (overivew of the results of the spectroscopy lab you did, shows the connection between our lab on spectroscopy and how we can identify elements), Emission Spectrum of Hydrogen (how we use it to know about the energy levels in an atom), Quantum Mechanics (about the roles of Bohr, Schrodinger, Heisenberg), and also Animated Quantum Mechanics.

Help session Monday morning, 7:20ish A.M. God bless you as you study! I’ll be praying for you!!

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Chemistry 1-23-19 Applications of Radioactivity, Pt. 2 and Fission

CHEMISTRY: Hey guys! Here’s our discussion from Wednesday. The Lord willing, we’ll finish the chapter tomorrow! Have you started studying? Be careful and don’t take the test for granted! And donโ€™t forget to check out the the Chapter 21 Stuff to Know & sheet.

Make sure you keep practicing half-life problems and nuclear equations. Also, make sure you’ve memorize the nuclear symbols for alpha particles, beta particles, positrons, neutrons, and protons. And then there are tons of notes on the conceptual stuff. Properties of radioactivity, people, types of radioactive decay, applications of radioactivity, definitions, definitions, and definitions!

Help session Thursday morning, 7:20ish A.M.