Physics 10-18-18 Forces & Equilibrium

PHYSICS: So, how is the balance in your life? Here’s our discussion of net force, equilibrium, and equilibrants. Were you experiencing a little déjà vu? Great job today!

HW update – do Equilibrant Forces WS 1 and, as possible, see if you can get a head start on Equilibrant Forces WS 2 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Physics 10-18-18 Forces & Equilibrium

  1. This week I would rate myself a 4/5. I chose this rating because I performed well on the test, despite a few mistakes which I have figured out how to prevent (read each word of the question carefully and underline significant words), and I was able to remain calm and collected during the bottle collapsing lab by taking it slow and thinking through things before doing them (improvement). Also, I performed adequately on the coding lab because I synthesized a roadmap before beginning, which led to a successful route. Finally, I learned all the polyatomic ions on Wednesday in order to prohibit the stress and anxiety of learning them the night before.

  2. This week i really struggled with time. When we were doing the Mixture Separation Lab, my group struggled with finishing on time. If we had gone more prepared into the lab, we may have been able to finish quicker and not be as rushed. In the future before labs, I will prepare more to really be sure that I know what I am supposed to do. 🙂

  3. This week, I struggled at first with designing experiments/labs. Then today I realized I am struggling with some concepts, but I feel like I have a much better understanding now. As a result, I was able to finally figure out the Equilibrant problems!! I’m still going to work on getting a deeper understanding so that I will really have it down.

  4. I can’t believe that it’s already Friday! This week flew by. I think I’m grasping the equilibrium problems ok right now, especially since I figured out that the colors don’t always correspond on the vodcast 🙂 I was even able to figure out Bob on my own, which made me super excited (although 4 was a different story until class) ! However, Worksheet 2 seems a little more challenging so we’ll see how it goes this weekend… Also, thank you for the extra time on the inertia balance lab! Hopefully we have it figured out this time! And the design challenge was fun, but I’m pretty sure my group would have either died or gotten superpowers had it really been radioactive isotopes due to a minor radioactive leak 🙂 Have a great weekend Ms. Skinner!

  5. This week was a good week. I learned new things about myself, like how I need to communicate better with my lab partners. From the design challenge, I think I need to be better understanding of my partners but not be afraid of sharing my ideas. I also need to not be so easily distracted. Equilibriant problems are not that bad for me because of how similar they are to the vector problems we did before. I’m sorry I forgot to turn in my homework this morning. I was running late for school and left my work at home, I’ll bring it Monday.

  6. This was a good week, but I ran into some challenges. I had no idea how to work number four until you worked it with us. I enjoyed the design challenge, but I had a hard time not panicking with time running out. I need to work on time management.

  7. This week I feel like I learned a lot. The design challenge helped me think through things better while also having to keep a check on time. Today I feel like I finally really understood the problems and whole concept much better.

  8. This week was very succesful for me in physics. I really enjoyed doing the design challenge this week! While our group may not have necessarily been the fastest to complete it, I think we were the most creative. Also, so far, I am feeling pretty good about the equilibrant problems. There were a few I was unsure how to work but by the end of today I felt much better about them. Hopefully it continues to be that way throughout the entire chapter!

  9. This week in physics was a successful week for me. I did very well in the design challenges and it’s reallys shown me that I am good at physics just in different ways! We got second in the first round and first in the second round! That was really exciting for me and my group because I feel like we really worked hard and it payed off. On equilbrant problems, I’ve really Underwood them and it’s been really easy for my to work them. The conceptual stuff on equilibrium I’m really unstanding which is really helping me understand the problems. The only thing I’m having trouble with is the inertia balance! It bugs me how much I’ve been think about how we can do it without slowmow video but I can’t figure it out! I will figure it out eventually but now I guess I need to keep thinking!

  10. This week was great! I loved the design challenges because they always open my eyes to how engineers have to work everyday. The lab for the mass of the copper wire is my favorite though. Having to edit and create our procedure again and again forces me to work hard. The homework from last night was fun too! I love spending an hour on my homework because the satisfaction of getting the right answer makes me so content. The most significant thing I took from this week was that I can never stop learning and grow No as a student; there is always work to be done!

  11. This week has felt like a blur for me. The lab at the beginning of the week went well except we are probably going to have to redo the lab to make the variables more exact. The lessons on equilibrium and forces made sense in class but when I went home I felt like it was a different language. I am going to finish all of the problems over the weekend. Even if I get stuck on one I am going to devote extra time to it so I can be ready for class Monday.

  12. This week has been a lot of up and downs. I had a lot of trouble understanding the inertia lab, but once we got further into it I finally got it. The design challenge was extremely fun for me! I love problem-solving in situations like that, and I even enjoyed having to think of new ideas when you added more rules. While I ended up understanding the last two things I mentioned, equilibrant forces is another story. I completely understood what we learned while taking notes, but when it got to the homework I was completely lost. I think my issue this week has been that I am so exhausted all the time that I can never give my full attention to mastering a problem, so that is something I will be sure to fix next week!

  13. This week in Physics, I felt really good about moving forward into the equilibrium problems. I enjoyed the break from homework and the design challenges. It is crazy how much can be accomplished with a collaborative effort. Going forward, I hope to better understand the lesson and stay on top of things, rather than allowing physics to knock me down.

  14. I would rate myself a 4/5 this week. I was really excited about my test grade. I studied a long time for the test and it paid off. The coding lab this week frustrated me at first because I couldn’t figure out how to mark which dot I had. After I had quit overthinking it the lab proved to be quite easy and fun. We also did a really cool lab on how to crush a bottle. We used pressure to crush the bottle and not just using our hands. It was a great week in Chemistry.

  15. This week I would rate myself a 2/5. I did not do as well on the test as I had hoped, but I think I did very well on the polyatomic ions quiz. I am developing new studying habits to better myself and to prevent myself from doing poorly on further tests.

  16. This week I struggled with time. During the separating mixtures lab my partner and I didn’t finish in time. Also I’m struggling with remembering to do this webpost, so in the future I will set a timer to be able to do it on time.

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