Chemistry 10-22-18 Chapter 1 Test Overview

CHEMISTRY – Are you ready? God bless you as you study! Here’s the overview of the test that we did in class today. Speaking of videos – have you watched the video clips on Cu, P, and Si? You can find them at If the phosphorus video won’t open for you, try this link from You Tube:

Make sure you aren’t just reading your book and notes. First, memorize the facts, then go back and make sure you can apply the concepts. Study examples, make your own examples, practice making questions. And don’t forget, if you are getting lost with everything you need to know, or if you’re not sure how to study, Chapter 1 Stuff to Know Sheet under the Test Info tab

Also, don’t forget the great review games that are in the Student Premium section of the online textbook. You can do this – I believe in you! I’m praying for you!!

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Physics 10-22-18 A Gorilla, a Woodpecker & a Look Toward ZORBA

PHYSICS: Did you see it? It’s a gorilla… in a hammock!! Here’s our walk through the gorilla, the woodpecker, and a great preview for the Zorba problems today. Question – were you doing more than just watching me work through the problems? Were you brainstorming, applying information you’ve previously learned?!? That’s what it takes!

Now you try it! Go conquer the Zorba problem!!

Answers for the Equilibrants II worksheet are below:

  1. Fn = 3430 N upward against feet
  2. Fn1 = Fn2 = 1890 N upward on each foot
  3. F forward = 4.59 N
  4. T1 = T2 = 1760 N
  5. T1 = 1360 N and T2 = 680. N

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Hon Chemistry 10-22-18 Formulas with Polyatomic Ions

HON CHEMISTRY: Are you starting to see letter and numbers in your sleep? Here’s our awesome discussion on writing chemical formulas with polyatomic ions. The same………but different?

Tons of memorization for this chapter – monatomic ions, polyatomic ions, and this is just the beginning! Start now!!

Photo by Fabio Santaniello Bruun on Unsplash