Hon Chemistry 10-30-18 Mass to Moles to Molecules

HON CHEMISTRY: Awesome job today using a chemical formula as a tool! I forgot to turn on the mic, so here’s a vodcast from the past. Start it at about 2:36 minutes and ignore the syllabus stuff at the beginning!

So could you find how many molecules in a drop of water? Let’s talk about that tomorrow! P.S. Now you know why it’s so very important to be able to write a correct chemical formula!

Chemistry 10-30-18 Chemical Formulas with Polyatomic Ions

CHEMISTRY: Great job today! Do you understand better now? Remember it’s like baby steps, first binary ionic compounds, and now, formulas with polyatomic ions. Begin learning them now! And practice, practice, practice!!

Another great idea, click here for a copy of the Hints for Naming Chemical Formulas Flow Chart, or find it under the Worksheet/Handouts Tab. Follow it every time you name chemical formulas!!

Speaking of polyatomic ions, what about that quiz tomorrow?!?

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