Physics 8-24-18 Velocity Problems

PHYSICS – Here are the velocity problems from today. You did a great job on these! Do you see what I mean about learning to think through them?

Stay strong on these problems! Make sure to do more than just show the math – be sure that I can also follow your logic in the formulas. Ditto with units, etc.

Don’t give up on the tortoise and the hare! A couple of hints: remember the problems we did in class today – it’s kind of like those. The distance the tortoise travels is the same as the distance the hare travels plus the extra 20 cm he was ahead. Also, the time the hare raced is equal to the time of the tortoise minus those two minutes he rested.

We’ll work through them in class if you need some help, but FIRST, make sure you have already worked them yourself – even if you think your work is wrong!

Now go have fun! 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Physics 8-24-18 Velocity Problems

  1. I understand the concept that we learned this week with velocity, but I struggled with applying it like a scientist, not a mathematician. I understood what we are supposed to do and the difference between displacement and distance. I need to work on application of the concept.

  2. This week, I found the application of velocity difficult. The problems themselves were not too difficult, but the problem was having to do it like a scientist and not a mathematician. The concept of velocity and the difference between displacement and distance, I understand well. I need to work on the application of it in the work.

  3. This week, I learned patience. I found that the key to overcoming difficult problems is to take a breath and plan them out. I also realized how fun physics truly is, as you are always left with a sense of accomplishment when you find the solution to a problem. I look forward to understanding how to solve problems as second nature, rather than struggling through the tedious methods we looked at today.

  4. His week wasn’t necessarily overwhelming I jsut felt like it stretched me a little. I’ve been really good at not procrastinating (especially in this class) and it has really paid off. I’m SO bad at procrastinating that it’s not even funny. But I’ve been caught up with work and able to really do my homework and not rush through it and really understand the problems. So this week has been a real success and I can’t wait for what comes next.

  5. Let me just begin with WoW. These velocity problems are sure blowing my mind! I can figure out a couple of them, but the others are still trying my patience… Thank you SO much for setting aside these 3 days for velocity practice! I really think that, although very slowly, it’s helping me to understand them better! I am definitely up for the challenge, and I love solving for unknowns, but unfortunately, this is taking me a bit longer to master than it normally does! I look forward to learning how to solve these and other similar problems to use throughout the year!

  6. Looking at a reflection of this week, this week has definitely been interesting! From predicting a tumble buggie car crash to the tortoise and the hare, we’ve done quite a bit, mostly a lot of velocity problems! I still need to work on the swimmer one the other way around (where the time is the same and the distance is different) and then Emily and Flash and Harry (the names I gave to the tortoise and the hare 🙂 ). I think I’m starting to think the right way though so I’m hopeful that when I sit down to redo them, I will succeed! Thank you for the time you’ve invested in us! I truly appreciate it! Especially since this is stuff we will be able to use in the real world outside of the classroom!

  7. This week has been both a triumph and a struggle. While I have been able to understand some of the velocity problems very easily, others have been more challenging. I consider this week a triumph because even though I haven’t been able to understand some of the problems, I can still think my way through them. I will definitely need to do a lot of practice problems this week to really get the hang of them!

  8. This week has been a much better week than weeks past. I feel that I am finally understanding better how to work the problems that you don’t have all of the variables that you need. I know that I still need to practice these problems in order to really get the hang of it.

  9. This week has been difficult! I am struggling with the more complicated velocity and acceleration problems. I’ve been reworking the homework problems to try and find new/better ways to work the problems, but I don’t get the answer very often. Can we have a help session? I am proud of how I managed the workload this week, though. I did not wait until the deadline to start on my labs, and I’ve gotten in the habit of reading and taking notes everytime I see it on the syllabus, which I think is really helping me understand the concepts.

  10. This week was a productive week. The velocity problems stumped me but after going through them they make more sense. Know I now how to go through the problems, but not in just one way. I know the steps to take to help me solve a problem. Acceleration is starting to make sense in relation to velocity.

  11. I have definitely learned a lot this week. The activity with the tumble buggies helped me to visualize the velocity problems, and our class time working the problems has helped me to see that there are multiple ways to work them. I still am struggling to do them on my own, though.

  12. This week in physics was definitely a challenging one. I felt like my brain was stretched working a lot of these velocity and acceleration problems! However, I do feel a lot more comfortable today than I did earlier in the week. I think it is extremely beneficial the way we work through problems together and problem-solve to find the answer. Now I just need to finish up my lab reports tomorrow!

  13. This week was a success in my books. I started off this week confused and unable to finish my homework. As the days went on the problems made more since and I learned new ways to think about a problem. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to think hard in problems like these so it takes me a little longer to process all of the information. But when I finally get it I am able to apply it to my homework and get the answers. I am so glad that I was able to figure out the process of solving these challenging questions not just so I can learn how to solve this one problem but know how to work this problem and all the ones to come.

  14. This week I would rate myself 3/5 stars because I worked hard all week on our homework problems but had difficulty with my time management. My highlight of the week is spending two hours on the first batch of hard homework problems. I took so long on these problens not because I was hailing a hard time focusing or didn’t understand the content, but because I wanted to make sure every single problem was correct. My time was well spent because the next day I checked those problems and found out I got all of them correct. The hardest part of my week was figuring out how to manage my time. Because we had two lab reports and a Calcukus test at the bed of this week, I had to figure out how to spread out all of my work. This setback didn’t discourage me from taking Physics because I know these situations bette torso are me for both lcollege and life outside of school

  15. This week in Physics, deriving my own formula finally began to make sense. With this, I can move forward confidently to any problems in physics and know how to solve them. Learning the new formulas today opened up a new frontier to solving acceleration problems faster and more efficiently. I look forward to going back and solving the problems I was unable to figure out previously.

    • I agree with Jared on the part that I am finally able to understand how to derive my own formulas, and not only just being able to do the problem one way but multiple ways. I am also getting much better about managing my time and not waiting to do my homework until the last second, or else I will never be able to finish it. I know that this skill will be very helpful in college in the coming years.

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