Physics 10-31-13 Friction & Normal Force

PHYSICS: So why don’t things that are moving just keep moving? Here’s the intro lecture on friction.

Remember a few key things. Net forces produce acceleration. You can find Ff a couple of different ways – it’ll be part of a net force equation and can be found from the coefficient of friction equation. If and ONLY if your object is moving at a constant velocity, Ff will equal Fa. Fn is only sometimes equal to Fw. If your object is pulled at any angle (or pushed), Fn will be a part of Fnet in the vertical direction.


Physics 10-31-13 Friction & Normal Force from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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5 thoughts on “Physics 10-31-13 Friction & Normal Force

  1. May Ryan, Candice, and I come after school Tuesday or Wednesday of next week to finish the lab where we were supposed to find the mass of the unknown object?

  2. I don’t know why but sometimes I struggle to understand certain aspects and circumstances involved with Newton’s laws. Like equal and opposite, but yet there still may be a net force causing movement. Wouldn’t that mean it wasn’t equal and opposite? I just need some help with some conceptual parts that might help me with the problems

  3. I’m still a bit confused on some conceptual stuff and setting up some problems. Any word on if there will be a help session Tuesday?

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