Physics 10-30-13 Newton’s 2nd & 3rd Laws

PHYSICS: So an object at rest can be at equilibrium, but what about an object that is moving? And how does equilibrium relate to Newton’s first law? Or Newton’s second law? And what if you don’t have balanced forces. Here’s the lecture from today on just that! Now remind me, net forces produce what?

And, for your viewing pleasure, enlightenment and overall edification – Julius Sumner Miller on Newton’s Second and Third Laws. Good stuff! you’ll find them extremely helpful with the conceptual part of the test. I strongly encourage you to watch them!

PHYSICS 10-30-13 Newton’s 2nd & 3rd Laws from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

Photo: Joe Armao

Hon Chemistry 10-30-13 Polymers

HON CHEMISTRY: Oh, my word! We finally finished the chapter! Have you had a chance to check out the study suggestion sheet on Edline?

Also amazing – did you realize molecules could be that large? And so many of them! But don’t you think polymers are cool?

Some items for contemplation: why are certain plastics recyclable and others not…and what about dishwasher and microwave safe?

Help session tomorrow morning, 7:15ish A.M.

HON CHEMISTRY 10-30-13 Polymers from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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