Physics 9-27-13 Relative Motion

PHYSICS – Happy Homecoming!! Wow, we finally made it to the end of chapter 3! I know your brain was mostly fried from all of your early morning homecoming activities, but did you catch on to relative motion?

You know, we’ve done most of this already. The only new part is the motion of objects in the same direction and opposite directions, relative to each other. Don’t forget, you’ll use what you learned about vector addition to work those “boat goes across a river” and “plane experiences a head wind” types of problems.

In case you didn’t get them in class today, here are the answer to tonight’s problems. Help session Tuesday morning??

36) 4.11 m
37) 80 m; 210 m
43a) 10.1 m/s at 8.53° east of north; b) 48.8 m
44a) 14.1° north of west; b) 199 km/h
45) 7.5 min
46a) 23.2° upstream from straight across; b) 8.72 m/s across the river

PHYSICS 9-27-13 Relative Motion from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by raysto

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9 thoughts on “Physics 9-27-13 Relative Motion

  1. Relative motion is very interesting…it seems extremely applicable to real world scenarios. In relation to the Alternative Assessment #4, maybe now I can prove that I wasn’t speeding! hahaha

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