Chemistry 9-20-13 Intro to Chemistry

CHEMISTRY: We’re finally starting what chemistry is all about! Here’s the lecture from Friday on the intro to chemistry. Can you apply the branches of chemistry and types of scientific work? As you go through the chapter, make sure you have the vocab down, and be sure you’re able to apply what you learned each day.

BTW – Have you started learning the symbols of the elements? Is that something you’ve had to do in your other classes? Don’t forget to check out the earlier webpost on It’s a great way to begin memorizing them! 🙂

CHEMISTRY 9-20-13 Intro to Chemistry from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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21 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-20-13 Intro to Chemistry

  1. When I write up the mass without a balance lab on google drive do I make the procedure to show someone else how to do it or how I did it?

  2. This lab was very helpful in figuring out how to measure without a balance. It taught me that you don’t need a balance to measure something!

  3. i thought it was interesting to know that you don’t need a balance to find the mass of something, you just need the volume and density

  4. I am too excited to actually start learning the symbols and to be working with new chemicals and to be learning new things! I am too excited! This is going to be awesome!

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